Since birth I communicate with Spirit Guides, Angels & Loving Souls who have crossed over and are now part of the source. I have been doing accurate readings for over 30 yrs (part time 22 yrs and full time 8 yrs). I want to help you find the message from the other side that is waiting for you. The experience can be comforting, and even humorous when a loved one's personality shines through during a reading. They often have detailed validation, advice, warnings and other messages for us that can help guide us through our living trials and tribulations. I have been told my readings are accurate, down to earth and comforting with a style that is direct but empathetic. Find out which reading is right for you.

I specialize in highly detailed readings. This helps people to know that the protective spirits that I am hearing are ascended spirits whom you know and love. Validating details may include events in your past, items that your guides know of, people who gave you important messages and coincidences that are too common to be by chance. Your guides as well as mine will come together to give me the most pertinent information for transformation in your life. I am a clairvoyant, spirit traveler, remote viewer and a medium. These also allow medical intuition or "body psychometry". These gifts that come through me can help you find balance that will lead you to a more fullfilled life in career, love, self healing or development of your own intuitive abilities. Note: With great respect of Free Will, I do not focus on future readings for individuals; only forensic, national & international events that affect everyone. "The best way to predict the future is to create it." -Abraham Lincoln. 

There is no need to give me any information other than your first name. All readings are strictly confidential to the highest degree of professionalism, especially when addressing families with open cases or law enforcement.  My "forensic" readings have led to several arrests and a couple eventual convictions. I do this work because it is natural for me and a constant in my life. It exists to help you through great life change because that is why every one of us (you and I) have our individual gifts. Change is life. “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear. ” – Mark Twain. 


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My name is Mariah. I am a Celtic/Creole/Choctaw Seer & Medium. I also offer Bodywork for alignment, pain and trauma healing (Rolfer in Training). I do face to face and remote readings. I will also travel to you for your convenience (travel fees apply over 30 mls.) With thirty plus years of experience...   Read More >

Readings are $130. flat rate for a 90 min reading unless you pay first with Paypal below. Prepaid Readings are $120. Phone, Skype, Facetime & Email readings are available upon request. If this rate doesn't work for your current income email me for sliding scale options. NOTE: All readings regarding missing minors are free. 

 Spiritual Validation

All I need is your first name to address you. Feel free to keep all your background information private. If you do not feel your guides and details have been validated after the First 15 min, the reading ends and there is no charge. If you continue you agree to the full reading at full price. If the price is a concern for you, email me about it. I take Paypal, Credit, Checks and Cash. I also accept trades. Email for more information. 

Readings with Mariah


Phone, Facetime, Skype & Email Readings: I take Credit, Paypal & Cash after. 

Face to Face: Pre-Purchase a Reading for $120. (save $10.) or email to schedule

Missing Persons Readings For Families          
    Empath Mentorship For Minors
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Missing Minor Readings for families are always free. 

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