What is mediumship?

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with non-living souls and entities. There are a wide variety of styles "sensitives" or "intuitives" use in order to manage their experiences with these souls. It can be coupled with many other extra sensory abilities which makes every medium unique.

What is being psychic?

Being psychic means that you are able to perceive and translate energetic information that is not accessible to the limited human 5 senses. There are many tools people can use to in order to help them decifer this information for practical use. There is much more going on every second in our universe than the human brain can easily process. 

What is clairvoyance? 

Clairvoyance is the ability to "see" happenings of the past present and future without experiencing it directly with the 5 living senses. The term "see" refers to many different experiences that vary from one clairvoyant to another. Usually a calirvoyant will describe this experience like a movie in their head or in front of their eyes. Click HERE for more.

What kind of psychic medium am I?

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic medium. That means that I often able to "see" physically as well as with my third eye. I can often "hear" physically as well as with my intuitive ear. I also have an ability to feel extra physical sensations with the living 5 senses associated with the spirit or client as well as experience emotions related the client, spirit and family. Some other skills include remote viewing (when I am able to accomplish it) and some numerology/ancient geometry (because it is a huge crossover with communicating with Angels and the higher realms). 

What kind of psychic am I not? 

While the following subjects often come up during a full reading, I do not focus directly on future telling. What comes up for the client is what they need to know MOST in their lives in order to put them on their life path which often leads to the most fullfilling lives they can have on earth. Often future and love concerns come up but sometimes the focus is on something much more prevelant in the here and now. 

I also do not condemn but do not professionally practice the following: Tarot card reading, Astrology, Crystal Balls or Seance. Seance is the attempt to conjur the spirit of the dead, while it seems the same, to me it is not. I do not make any attempt to conjur a certain person. By the time you contact me, they have already contacted me. More on this in a post to come next week. 




It is what I must do and have always done. As a medium from birth paranormal experienes have been the norm.  When you have been called on to use any talent you may have, life is a lot harder while avoiding your calling than it is to embrace it. For others, having validation that death is not the ultimate end for our loved ones can be of great help in healing. The mourning process is something all of us have experienced. It is how our mind body and spirit learns to deal with the separation from a loved one. While it is healthy to accept this separation, it can particularly hard to thin of your loved one as completely wiped out of existence, or worse, suffering. From my experience, I am convinced this is an unnecessary pain to add to personal loss.


I started doing psychic readings when I was eight years old. It exploded in adolescence when I tried to deny it and entered studies in the sciences. As I ignored it it only got stronger and in my late twenties I finally began to integrate the gift into my life and work. The validation was enough to make me truly believe in a compassionate God. The more I served with compassion, the more it was validated. While my intellectual mind valued science, my heart valued my intuition. In my thirties I was able to find solace in a connection between the two and at thatpoint my readings became extremely accurate.

Readings are available day and evenings. it does not have to be night to pick up on a Spirit Guide.


I am originally from Chicago, Ill. The influence of the midwestern city gave me a style of communication that is direct and honest. In 2001 I moved to Austin Texas where I worked many years with Children and in Art Programs, health/wellness/fitness as well as mediumship. From Austin I moved to Galveston, Tx. Galveston is one of the most spritual cities in the world. I call it my home but still do readings in Houston as well as Austin. Since I do many readings remotely, I have also had the fortune of doing readings for people in most of the US states. I also have had clients in Japan, India, New Zealand and India. Don't hesitate to call based in location. 


How is really the hardest question to answer. 

I will negate the obvious answer which is the answer to the question, "What happens during a reading?" and will leave that for a different section. 

I will answer the harder how: 

How does a medium recieve the communication?

Everything has energy pulsing through it. Every living and non-living thing has some vibrations of energy happening in and around it at all times. This energy my be in the form of particles or waves but all of it exists on a grid that permeates and extends ot everythig else on the planet and possibly the universe. In this grid there are many more dimensions than the three we are used to experiencing. So far my answer sounds scientific or rather, metaphysical. That is because it is. In the energetic world time does not exist the way we are taught in school. Every event has an energetic imprint it leaves behind. This is how we are able to understand the existance of stars. Am I a scientist? No. However, I have always been aware of this different way of perceiving time. Even in an excellerated grammar school I argued with my teachers on the matter. "If time is linear, who is it that I often can see both past and future events?" Well, no one knows....YET. That is my mediumship is metaphysics and not physics. Some of use are little more in tunewith this than others. We can pick up more information. Although everyone has access to it, not everyone pays attention to it or can translate it. Mediums are energetic translators. Spirits are condensed energy. I myself have seen the grid on several occasions COMPLETELY SOBER. Had I not, I might not believe it existed myself. I believe the grids is how God affects us every day. There is much more to say on this subject. Again, I will be writing about and posting in the Testimonials & News sections.