About Mariah


My name is Mariah and I am a clairvoyant medium. With thirty plus years of experience my goal is to give you precise and detailed information that will help you to make decisions or move through a transition with ease. Loving Ascended Soul's of our Elders; Spirit Guides; Personal Angels will go out of their way to deliver positive and helpful messages to friends and family. I only accept and communicate these messages. They can also give me messages about traumatic souls and how to manage as well as assist these energies in crossing over. Occasionally I also recieve messages from higher Angels. My focus is on individualized facts, emotions and memories. I want my clients to leave with information specific to their personal families, lives, careers or finances.


What is a Medium?

A quick, but I am sure inconclusive, definition of a medium is someone who communicates with entities (primarily human souls) across the veil of our realm of living humans and animals. I primarily only communicate with Ascended Spirit Guides. There are souls and energy fields everywhere. A medium is visible to human souls across this veil of life. It is not unlike you believing you saw your Grandpa in Spirit form. They can "see" us from the other side.  Working with a medium is a kin to being able to call out a name in a crowded room directly rather than wandering aimlessly hoping to make contact with someone special.

What is my background?

I was born fourth generation Chicagoan to spiritual parents of Irish, Creole and Native decent. My family tree reads like a history book of the midwest. My father is a whimsical and hard working man of Creole decent (6 generations). My mother is a well respected Celtic psychic, self taught herbalist and everybusy homemaker. What gave me the edge to cultivate my gift to the extent that I have was my mother. She tried to guide my gift rather than suppress it. Because of this I began assisting her readings as early as 8 yrs old. In my household the extrasensory and paranormal was quite normal. I am very thankful to her for this. 


What are your spiritual beliefs?

I believe in God and that it takes many names. I employ the concept that God offers and sheds light in all it's contexts and is the most tangible to human beings in the emotion of true, unselfish compassion (the highest form of Love). In the physical world it can be energetic in the form of "God Light" (which also takes many names over many cultures). I am convinced that anyone can have a direct and personal connection to God Light. I use it to help me navigate the spirit world to assure that the contact and messages given are of a safe, positive, and of divine nature. This is where the term "Light Worker" came from. To those who truly have the gift it is not a question of whether or not this contact will happen, it is a question of how we can serve our higher purpose with the inevitable influx of information we receive. There is a growing number of light workers across the globe as the great awakening permeates humanity. 


What Should I Expect During a Reading? 

Here is how it typically goes: I answer as many questions as I can before a reading but do not ask any. We sit down at the table with a client and offer to answer final quesitons. I will lay out a beautiful display protective items (Angel stones, turquoise, Lapis stones etc...). There are no rituals, chanting, crystal balls, moving tables or eyes rolling back in my head. I say this with a light heart as I agree this might be both entertaining and scary to watch. Ascended spirit guides will come forward with compassion for the greater good. No conjuring is necessary. As a matter of fact I am usually contacted by the associating spirit moments before I even recieve an email form a client. Conjuring is whole other skill set with it's own pros and cons I do not employ. After 15 minutes I will ask if you want to continue to a full reading. At this point yo uhave the option to continue to a full reading and full payment or "opt out" if I haven't provided enough validating information. (This rarely happens and don't charge per the minute). After 30 minutes I may start asking questions to help me interpret what I "see". 9 Out of 10 readings end with relief, hugs, happy tears a renewed hope for life and a sense of peace with a better understanding of what goes on when one crosses over. Either way, I will be as honest, direct and as positive as possible and you will get the message you most need. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 


If It IS A Healing Gift, Why Do You Charge People?

This subject is one I talk about often. I find it a relief that so many people are confortable enough to ask me this question and give me a chance to answer it. I believe that they do because they intuitively know I will give them an honest answer and not take offense to being asked. I have a detailed answer in the following post. Click here to see it: WHY I/MANY MEDIUMS CHARGE FOR SERVICES...



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