Q: “How does it feel to be able to connect with other worldly things?”



A: ‘Coming Out’ As A Medium


Because I have somewhat answered this literally for other questions, I am going to take the approach that what this question means is ?What do I think about myself because I can do this?

The answer to that is this, firstly, I didn’t even know it wasn’t normal until I was in high school. I thought everyone talked to ghosts and everyone could here them sometimes. This might be true but I thought it was true to the extent that others could understand what they were saying and needed. This is because my mother was the resident psychic lady of the neighborhood. Everyone knew and loved her. The kids all brought her hurt animals to fix. She was somewhat of an herbalist and cared greatly for all children. She spoke to ghosts so we thought it was normal. I didn’t start to feel isolated by the gift itself until I was in my early twenties. It was time to move away from family and by then I knew that the world might not accept me with my gift- so I spent the next 8 years on and off trying to subdue it. I was confused and embarrassed of myself. It never held a sense of power or ego for me. By that time I had been told by many people I confided in that I was either “special” or “freaky”. Both made me feel isolated and alone. I tried to subdue it until it became so overwhelming I could no longer ignore it. Skipping a lot of my own story, it wasn’t until I was around 30 that I began accepting it again. I found that I was really not that special and that there were a lot of people like me who didn’t talk about their gifts. When I decided to go public it was like ‘coming out’. Many relationship began to fall off and new ones formed in their place. Eventually it became a source of strength that following my lead others were willing to come out with their intuitive gifts. This is when I found I had a knack for empowering others to integrate their intuition back into their lives. This is also why I am helping you Reeanne. I believe that if children had an educational system that was in harmony with these extra sensory gifts it wouldn’t be necessary to guide people back to it. It would just exist as part of their intellect, innovative processes and problem solving skills throughout their lives. That is why I am founding The Xylia School (For Intuitive Learning) here in Santa Fe, NM. 

The above picture is one of my own daughter. The school will be named after her. This picture was taken during a period of her life where she began to truly own her gift. I think it is the perfect depiciton of how free and grounded a person may feel once they have come to terms with who they really are. Relationships may change, causing a cascade of change in life in general, but it is all for a good cause. It is so you can love you truly are and use your talents to the best of your ability. For many people claiming intuitive gifts is a sort of coming out in many ways. It is necessary to become whole to learn to love all the parts of ourselves. 

Light & Love Always,