Q: “How do you connect with energy, feelings, and spirits? And how does it affect you physically and mentally when you do?”


A: Connecting To Spirit


How a medium connects to the spirit world has a lot to do with what their natural skill level is. It again also has to do with their belief system and subsequently their rituals they develop. Just as some people are naturally more talented in the arts, sciences or language arts- so are mediums as spirit workers. Mediums are translators and diplomats. We understand a language that few people speak (or know they speak). It is the language of the senses. The five senses function similar to spoken words in a sentence from one living person to another. There are people who speak with their hands because they are deaf and those who speak with computers because they are paralyzed. Most mediums are highly empathic for both the living and the dead because the method of communication is energy waves, particles and pulses. Broken down, that is exactly what sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are. Spirits communicate with the living by ‘spelling out’ thoughts and concepts in waves, particles and chemical reactions. Mediums have a nervous system that can somehow read these messages. 


So that was a very literal answer. The less literal answer is that if you are natural medium, the questions is not how you connect, but rather ?How do I disconnect? A natural medium is born continuously, constantly, and sometimes exhaustingly receiving and translating. When I sit down to do a reading I do not conjure. Rather it is like sifting through a crowded room full of people waiting to tell you something they might perceive as urgent or crucial. Imagine if I didn’t know I was a medium!? I would constantly be anxious, feeling hurried and pushed to do something that has a sense of importance and urgency and would not know what it was. This is why an anxiety disorder is one of the tell tale signs of natural medium. I don’t have an anxiety disorder, but I know I would if I didn’t acknowledge my gift. The pressure starts to build up after just one week of not working. Mediumship is a lifelong learning process of how to manage the gift and how to translate more accurately. Usually by the time a living person contacts me, the spirit they are associated with is already in the waiting room as it was the spirit that prompted that person to contact me. 


Some people are not natural mediums and seek to open that doorway with other means. This can be beneficial but can also be very dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, a natural medium is also at risk until they are trained. This is called conjuring and can be mastered- however, there are many factors that dictate what will actually come through to the person and they are too great to go into right now. Without the proper vibration, training and protection this is a very risky craft. It is especially risky because many non-natural mediums who seek this skill are motivated by fear, control & greed giving them a power that is destructive. 

Lucky for us, there is a network of energy that allows the ascended spirit energy to always be available to us. All we have to do is learn how to connect to it in our own way. What it comes down to is learning how to be assertive in setting boundaries. Almost all of us have a relationship with the source and the language we speak is called a religion. When we use use modest intentions, seek to heal instead of destroy and create protective barriers or filter systems, then connecting to higher vibrations can be healing for everyone. 

Light & Love Always,