Q: “How do you connect with energy, feelings, and spirits? And how does it affect you physically and mentally when you do?”

Mental and Physical Effects 


Reading accurately requires me to be extremely in tune with my own emotions and body. This is because when I am picking up information from spirit I will often personally experience what the spirit is trying to convey. It is imperative that I can tell the difference between what I feel and what the message is. For instance, if I am doing a reading for a daughter who lost her mother and the mother comes through (without me knowing anything at all about the client including the deceased age gender or relation) I will know it is her mother by the wave of emotion that comes over me. I will know it is a mother’s love I am feeling. Clairvoyantly I will ‘see’ in my third an image of that person. Sometimes it is very clear and other times it might be an outline. It is usually enough for me to decipher age. I will be able to tell the difference between male and female by knowing my own body and how it feels to experience masculine or feminine traits. On occasion the gender is something I don’t identify with personally and I usually know it is homosexual or transgendered person. The thing is that we do this with living people also. Most people do it with other living people. They are just are unaware that it is happening. None of us are truly separate from one another. What one person feels, we all feel. It just might be on such minuscule level that we don’t recognize it. Mediums, Medicine People and Shamans feels this to a great extent. I believe this is real reason we end up living on a mountain top or a cabin way out in the woods (ha ha). How many times have you heard someone say, “Something just feels off today.” Well, maybe there was a tsunami in Japan and thousands of people died. We are fooling ourselves to think that kind emotion doesn’t travel around the world. 

Mediums are generally empaths of the dead. We feel what they feel; the clients as well as the spirit. When a medium doesn’t know what is happening and doesn’t learn tools, their immune system can turn on these sensations. It intuitively knows they are foreign and causing the person distress. It tries to attack and rid these signals from the body and ultimately fails. This can result in immune based illnesses that have unknown origins. There was a period in my life I was trying to ignore my gift and pursue non-spiritual goals. The stress of the requests for contact nearly killed me with an immune disorder. When I began acknowledging my gift again and managing it the immune problem suddenly vanished. When I am managing it has the opposite effect. Sometimes it looks like I de-aged years at a time and I heal extremely quickly. Occasionally a very strong spirit or contact with an Angel will give me a euphoric feeling that is akin to a big, warm hug. What I do know is that natural mediums cannot escape the gift. They WILL channel, it is just a matter of what will be channelled and whether you have control of it.