Posted by Mariah on Jan 09, 2017


Questions From Clients


Q: “There’s always talk about the white light when a spirit is crossing over. What exactly does that mean to your specific abilities?”


Firstly, please understand that I can only answer questions according to my belief system as anyone else can. I will answer them with authority specific to what I believe. This means that there may be others who have a different perception of what is happening. That is ok. Everyone speaks a different language withe the etherial and the divine. I believe it is intended that way. 



A: About The White Light 


From what I understand based on what the spirits have shown me and my own personal near deathexperience, the white light that people sometimes call God is actually a collective whole of spiritual energy joined together as a unit. Think of a swarm of ants or a collection of molecules that have bonded. When all the souls are together after crossing over they function as a powerful whole. It is a collective consciousness that functions as an all knowing unit. By nature, our souls long for this as ‘home’. When a spirit returns to this unlimited source of energy and protection it feels safe, nurtured and regenerates. When a person dies and their spirit sees this light the draw is almost impossible to resist. It is as if they suddenly realize they have been homesick for a lifetime and finally get to go to the place where they are warm and safe and never alone. It IS, however, possible for a soul to resist this calling into the light. Sometimes they sense that their work that is not done in the living realm is too great or important and the soul returns to the body as the body is resuscitated. Other times the soul resists and the body is has reached it’s final death leaving it nothing to return to. Then the soul can become stuck and confused living as an independent without the greater knowledge of the unit. This causes that energy of that soul to become more fragmented and disorganized as time goes on. I refer to these as traumatic souls because they behave similar traits to living people after a traumatic event. The white light is what I perceive as God. My definition of God may be very different from other people’s definition. It is an all-powerful collective consciousness that sees through time and space as a whole. When a piece is separated and sent to a living body it’s knowledge is suppressed and usually forgotten so that it can learn honestly from it’s surroundings. We call this piece a soul. When that soul is still independent but it is not in a body, we call it a spirit. It’s knowledge is that of all life from the beginning of existence except when it is in a body or displaced as a traumatic spirit. An ascended spirit (one that has crossed into the light) has the knowledge of the whole and can present in the form it is most remembered. This is why they are excellent guides. A traumatic spirit is still trying to function with the limited knowledge of a living person. I speak to both, however, I require the traumatic spirit to contact me through an ascended spirit before I will speak directly to it. Just like living people, they can have the best intentions but with limited knowledge can be detrimental to others. I do not judge traumatic spirits, but it is much more comforting to speak to an ascended spirit and sometimes ‘see’ the white light they emerge from. 

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