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"The New Science Of Mediumship"


Below is a paragraph by paragragh commentary on an article I enjoy that relates mediumship to a new science. This is not a critique of the written work nor is it but rather the thoughts I have as a professional medium about the opinions expressed. 


"What happens when we die? Can people communicate with those who have passed on? Efforts to answer such questions using science have been underway since the late 1800s. Over the years, the methods have varied, some more convincing than others. One area that is both promising and amenable to rigorous science involves the study of mediumship, or “spirit” communication." -MS

Commentary-  Much of my work as a medium has been helping people come to terms about what mediumship actually is and whether it is rational to be frightened of it. It takes quite a bit of effort to try to explain to people that what it boils down to is energy imprints. Whether you believe it is a scientific phenomenon or a religious experience, it all comes down to energy. I meant that in lightworking type of way, but also in a waves and particles kind of way. It is true that stars light leaves an energetic imprint we can see for many light years after the fact. On a smaller scale to an extreme this is also true of the human soul, and even to smaller extent, human experiences and emotions. It all stays out in the energetic world somewhere. Some of us are sensitive enough to pick up on it. 

"In a standard mediumship “reading,” a client (or “sitter”) asks questions about a friend or relative who has passed away (a “discarnate”). The medium reports that he can connect with the friend and offer reliable insights." -MS

Commentary-My first thought is that if the medium asks questions about the friend or relative before who has passed before providing their intuitive insight about them, it may indicate that the intutiive is legitimate but inexperienced, or that the reader is fishing for information to infer rather than using clairvoyant or empathic abilities. If mediumship is going to be resepcted and tested, this practice of asking questions before the reading should be eliminated. There is the exception of forensic psychic readings. Sometimes the reader needs background information in order to properly asses and address the spiritual energy. 

"An important but unresolved question about such reports is whether the mediums provide reliable information about the deceased person. If so, can the results be explained by normal psychological terms such as fraud, subjective fantasies, and wishful thinking, or do they reflect some extended reach of consciousness?" -MS

Commentary- These are questions I have thought about quite a bit. How do talented mediums allay the fears of clients that perhaps we are extrapolating on what we see and hear from the clients? How do we relive any suspician of fraud? I have deveopled a way to eliminate both the suspician of fraud as well as reduce the phenomenon of legitimate mediums (on the rare occasion) not receiving actual information or contact and either having to tell the client there is no contact, or feeling pressured to say something helpful, yet vague because of the lack of contact. One way to do this is to not take any of the client's information or background except their first name. Another is to give the client 10 minutes of free validating information immediately as soon as the client sits down. Then allow the client to decide if the information is accurate enough to continue. This is how I conduct all my readings. This method will be also be recommended in my book on psychic medium professionalism. 

"Today, an innovative new study is underway at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) (noetic.org), in partnership with the Windbridge Institute. The carefully controlled research aims to investigate the accuracy of the information that mediums report and to systematically study their experiences during ostensible communication with the deceased. In particular, scientists are asking questions about the mental states that mediums report when performing a “reading.” The study also is looking to see if there are neurophysiological or physical correlates associated with information that is evaluated by the sitter (under blind conditions) to be accurate. While answers to such questions remain a mystery, modern brain imaging offers the potential for new discoveries about mediumship." -MS

Commentary- I love the fact that mediumship is being studied with the rigorous attempts to validate the existence of spirit. I am just concerned that the way researchers are going about it is with a great lack of acknowledgement of the intention of spirit itself. When we say spirit, we often have an image of a certain person's energy field (that may or may not look like them) dort of floating through our reality separate somehow from the universe around enough to distinguish it from the chair or window that it is near. The term for the this is ghost. If it is separate from the universal energy it is not a spirit that has crossed and returned to the source "the light" it is an energy that has not foudn it's way back yet. A channeller can often communicate with many different vibrations. That is what it is, vibrations, waves & particles. What needs to be respected is that a spirit who has finished crossing over has duties to serve and unlimited information about all life everywhere. They know better when to interfere and when not to than we do. My point is that if they perceive it is not in the best interest of an individual or humanity as a whole to prove that they exist and give us guidance, then it is highly unlikely that even the most talented mediums would get any accurate information from ascended spirits.

"In this experimental protocol, each medium is given the first name of a discarnate and asked a series of questions about that person. Beyond the person’s name, everyone interacting with the medium is kept blind to any information about the discarnate or sitter. While they are performing the reading, the researchers record each medium’s brain electrophysiology and body activity (i.e., skin conductance, respiration, heart rate, and body temperature). After the readings, the sitters, who are kept blind as to which reading was done during their session, rate the accuracy of the medium’s responses for their reading and those of others. When the readings have been completed, the scientists will look for correlations between each medium’s brain and body activity that immediately precede the responses and the accuracy of these responses." -MS

Commentary- I would suggest that every medium involved in this study ask their guides if it is in their interest and the interest of the greater good for them to cooperate in this research test. It  will lessen the likelyhood that talented mediums don't get informaition. The test itse;f seems reasonable except fo the fact that we don't get what information we want necessarily. We get what information we and our clients need. 

"Because mediums have been shown to express emotional intensity during seemingly successful readings, the research is focusing on differences in the brain areas dealing with emotional processing, such as the anterior cingulate cortex. They are also measuring changes in brain regions such as the angular gyrus, an area that has been associated with out-of-body experiences. While the experiment cannot determine if life after death exists, results of this novel study may offer a deeper understanding of the reaches of human consciousness." -MS

Commentary- I am excited to learn the results of this study! I do wonder however, why people don't research the energetic differences in rooms before, during and after clearings. If I was going to conduct my own test I would also weigh the reader and clients. I have notice weight fluctuations before and after readings I cannot attribute to anything physical. 

Thank you for reading my commentary on this very interesting article. I intend to do more commentary on similar articles. Please let me know if you enjoyed it. 

Light & Love!