Posted by Mariah on Oct 25, 2016

Journey To Medicine Woman 10/25/16


This morning as I begin, the sun is already rising. From the times before I have noticed that it feels a little less powerful when I don't begin before sunrise. However, I still want to continue. As soon as I began a flock of 8 crows and 2 blackbirds fly over my head. It was beautiful to see them together, like seeing family members reunite. I am full of joy and hope this morning and careful ask for healing for the earth. I know we ar in transition and I don't want to assume that I know what is best for the world so I am careful not to overstep my requests. I leave the decissions up to the Source and the Elders. 

Today I felt like singing. It is a singing I have done for both my children as babies. It does not have words but sounds like a Native chant. I don't know all the words yet, but I don't think that should stop me. They will know what I am saying. During song a very large raven swooped down very close to me and directly over me. It made me smile. Whenever I am sad or intransition I see ravens and they make me smile. This morning I leave ceremony feeling heard, guided and strikingly not alone. 

This is a very important thing, as most of my life I have felt home sick. I spoke of this to my mother when I was young. I always told her, "why did they leave me here?" -"When will we be going home"? Since my mother is also a seer, she knew what I was saying. She took me to an angel intuitive. The angel intuitive saw me and began to tear. She had told me that I wasn't left here, that I only I forgot that chose to come here, bit that this feeling is normal amoung 'people like me'. Then she went on to tell me what would be a reagular message I received in the life over and over again- 

That I had been trusted to bring remembrance into this life, that my soul was mixed somehow. -That there are others like me here and that I am not alone. Over and over again I received these messages. Only recently have I begun to understand them. This world is hard for people who don't understand why death is bad, who don't understand the lure of power, or who can't conceive revenge (even while it is happening). Truth can be cruel, but I have often understood nothing else. I don't mean my truth, I mean the truths of others- the thoughts in their heads they know are their truths, but still choose to ignore. Now I know, this is what it is to be human. To expect the living to follow their truths exactly is to expect them to transend. This is not of this world. It is the meaning of our lessons. I also need to realize that in this life, I will need to continue this process as everyone has to.

This morning I was given some insight I will cherish forever.