This a straight forward and short post I created to address this subject. 

In Texas about 80-85% of my clients were either Christian or Catholic. I developed a short energy clearing process that they felt was in line with their belief system. Here is goes...

Before you start you should collect a smudge stick made of sage or blessed water (Holy Water) 


1. Collect any protective items such as crucifix, holy water, or other items that made them feel closer to God. 

2. Collect any items that made them feel closer to loved ones they know are in heaven.

    Christians don't pray to items. The purpose is to make it clear to the spirit world who you are trying to pray to. 

3. Center yourself with deep breathes and postitive thoughts so that you have little influence from fear

4. Close your eyes and put your arms out feeling how far out your own personal space goes. 

5. (You can do this step with Holy Water) Take the smudge stick, place it on a fire safe surface (a large shell is traditional) like a ceramic plate or a pan. hold it over the plate and light one end. Blow out any flame until it is smoking. NOTE: I am not responsible for any fire or damages so be really careful how you handle something smoldering. 

6. Pretend you are encircled by protective shield of dinive energy 1-3 feet away from your body. Run the follow this circle all the way around your body, over your head and behid you. Sometimes having someone to help is nice. Fane the smake toward your body while saying in a confident voice...

7. Use your voice out loud to say the following in your own words if you like:

"This is my Holy and divine space. I only allow energy in my space that is of my own mind, body and spriit. All other energies are not allowed in my space without my permission. I clear my space of anything negative. I only allow guidance from my relatives that have crossed over into heaven and no one else. I only allow protection from Arch Angels in the pressence of God (Jesus Christ) and nothing else. I ask the Angels in God's presence to protect me and my loved ones in the ways of the greates good for them. I ask God to heal me and show me how to heal myself in the ways that are of the greates good for me. I in no way invited the seven sins and ask for strength to resist their influence. My body is my sanctuary for my soul and I am in control of the energy in my space and body."

8. When you are done circling your body with burning sage or Holy Water, put it on the floor between your feet and stay there until you feel a relief ot the sage stops smoking. This is a good time to say prayers for other, the earth and the world since you are more clear tha when you started. 

9. When you are done step away from your circle and verbally express gratitude. "Thank you God and the protective Arch Angels." Sy thank you for anything else in life also. Expressing gratitude aplifies prayer. 

10. You are done, No for the rest of the day take notice to how your body feels when influence disurb your own energy field. We are all connected so don't blame others. Just know you have the ability to clear it when you get home. 


(This is will be editted soon)