Posted by Mariah on Aug 30, 2016

Hello All, 

My daily paragraph is usually an incomplete post that is composed of intutiive thoughts in a short form for a quick read. I am resuming the writing after a long while. I have been bombarded by political and worldly visions for the last 6 mos or so. Not knowing how to communicate them (or whether or not I should) I have been avoiding working. Recently I have slowly resumed along with the polical visions. I have decided to just go ahead and write about them in the most non-fear based way I can. 

I see so many things as soon as I open the portal I am bombarded. I can’t seem to figure out hwo much of it is stuff I should communicate

I don’t know what I should say

as this election approaches I am given more and more information

here is what I know for sure

Trump and Clinton are not very different. 

The timeline we are in is such that it really doesn’t matter who gets elected. There are not two different roads at this point. 

there is one road and two very different galloping styles

Here are similarities between Clinton and Trump that people cannot see

Much of the following is based on vision and NOT fact: 




Llie incessantly 

Have ties to big money and corporations that will become priority

Have ties to international leaders that border on espionage

Intend to beef up surveillance of America and leaders abroad to the point of the brink of war

Are big government- The methods in which Trump means to change things will ultimately use 

      more government control, not less

Neither of them understand or intend to alleviate stresses of the middle class

Have questionable relationships with Putin

Will feed American secrets to foreign “allies” 

Have a intent based on personal power and wealth rather than concern for the American people

Are mentally and emotionally unstable

Truly, clinically, lacking empathy

Do not understand the Black plight in the US

Will increase taxes on working class regardless of what they say

Are bullies by definition 

Have already commited treason with certain acts

Will end up wth the same gun regulations

Will increase pressure on Muslim America

Will insult world leaders with different tactics but untimately with the same outcome


This will become evident as Trump steals many of Clinton's platforms right before the election. 

My point is that don't stress so much about this coming election. There is a timeline that is inevitable in the course of world events

we cannot avoid with the election of one candidate ove rthe other. Both campaigns lead us to the same circumstances.

It is not Armagedon per se- but many changes ARE coming in weather, energy and world economics. There is no reason to fear change

becaues change is ineviable. To make the transition easier, repsond with peaceful preparedness rather than rebel rousing or fear.  

My advice is specifically to plan. Plan for you family, plan for your community. Do it quietly and calmly and

      be prepared in any way you can be prepared. 

Use a lot of prayer and go about life creating joy in the world.

The majority of us in the world will be just fine. 


Love & Light! 



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