Posted by Mariah on Apr 06, 2018

Do you have a child, spouse, sibling that isor was a difficult child? Let me speak frankly. Are you the difficult child? I assume that most people who are reading my posts probably already know about indigos or blues. These are words used to describe children who don't follow societal norms that have also come with gifts. We all know how this can manifest: LABELS! These labels may include ADHD, AUTISM, GIFTED, ETC... Here I am going to say something you may not easily find on the internet. The spiritual reason for these children being difficult is simple. They are having trouble integrating into this physical world. Their souls maintain a strong connection to the other side causing them identify that existence as home. The rules are so different here that it makes it extremely difficult to adjust. Most of us forget what it is like to be on the other side when we are born into this world. This has many benefits. You can't remember the followng the things:

1. On the other side no one is ever alone. Everyone has the ability to be part of everyone else. Loneliness doesn't exist and autonomy is not an option. 

2. No knowledge is not shared. Everything that everyone knows becomes accessible. Being separated from knowledge and having to learn is foreign. 

3. All energy is always accessible. Having to differentiate between lightwaves, soundwaves, touch, smell and taste is exclusive to this physical realm. 

4. Freedom is universal. Being able to travel without the hinderance of walls and ceilings or people demanding you must sit in one place just doesn't happen. 

5. No thoughts, emotions or memories are hidden. It is all readily available at any moment in a form that is much easier to translate than words. 

6. In a world where telepathy is the norm, using verbal language is like being a phsycist for a living and being forced to do kindergarten addition all day every day. 

7. There is no such thing as the nervous system. Think of the nervous system like connecting a wire to atom bomb and expecting the energy to travel along that one path. 

8. Pain doesn't exist. On the other side typical concepts of pain and pleasure don't exist. They are relative and dependant on each other. They are the reason we are here. 

9. Now imagine that you are charged with protecting and guiding beings throughout the universe who experience these things regularly with no reference. We ARE school. 


So the next time you become enfuriated with your difficult child, just know that that it is ok to be frustrated with them- it is part of their lessons. Just also know that they may be struggling with these things intensely. Use compassion in guiding as well as disciplining them. They do need to learn about our world and that does mean that parents my have to set strong limits sometimes. Just know this is a lot for their little souls to carry.