Posted by Mariah on Jan 04, 2017

"The veil is thinning." This is a statement I am sure many people have heard even if you don't deal often in the etherial world. What exactly does this mean? Well, it isn't a random statement for dramatic effect such as, "The night is dark and full of terrors." -Game of Thrones. I know it sounds like it, but it means many things- which are all really just one thing: more paranormal stuff is happening. Some spirit workers perceive that there is a thin layer of space and time of some sort that encompasses our world and acts as a barrier between other dimension/existences/times. This statement means that this barrier, for whatever reason, is becoming easier to cross for non-human entities and spirit (which I sometimes call post-human entities). I don't quite see it this way. To me the whole world feels like a thick soup of energy. What others call empty space almost never feels empty to me. When I swim in the ocean I am well aware of the water around me, that if I kept going with the ability to survive it, I would encounter life along the way and eventually reach another continent. The open air doesn't feel much different. Imagine you could swim through a medium thick with energy fields until you reached the vaccuum of outerspace and beyond. So when people say the veil is thinning I perceive it is that humans are becoming more and more aware of this thick soup with layers that sometimes seperate and sometimes mix depending on catalysts and circumstances in the environment. The allusive veil doesn't really exist, nor is it thinning any more than it has fluctuated since the beginning of time. It is humanity that is changing. We are changing fast.