Posted by Mariah on Jan 10, 2019

Last night I had a dream that I went to a bar in Santa Fe, NM. I was sitting alone when a server walked up to me to hand me the most beautiful drink I had ever seen. It was in a very large round wine glass. It looked like white wine or a martini. When I picked it up off of the tray it was almost eye level. I could see a serene and opaque holographic image of a running Hawaiian waterfall. It was not only incredibly beautiful but stunning technology. I asked, "Who it is from?" The sever responded, "He's over there. He said you are boring (joking referring to something that happened in a previous dream)." I looked over about fifteen feet away to see three men who looked like musicians. They were all over fifty, wearing black hats and some sort of black leather. When I made eye contact one of them he winked and raised his glass. With my drink, I walked over to the one of the three that was on the left and had winked, "Thank you for the stunning drink. It's wonderful." He said, "Thank Santa..mumble under his breath." I replied, ok, and chuckled a little thinking he said to thank Santa Claus. I figured he was drunk and referring to the fact that Christmas just passed. Then he repeated, "Thank Santa..mumble." It sounded that time as if he was hiding something. I leaned in with my eyebrows scrunched in a confused manner. He raised his voice as he pointed to the guy on the end of the three who was wearing a large black leather hat with his head slightly tilted forward, "Do you know who Santana is?" My voice raised to a higher pitch but I pulled it back down trying not to seem like a fanatic, "Did you say Santana? Of Course!". Just then Carlos Santana looked out from under his hat brim and gave an innocent pursed smile with his center brows raised. I thought it odd that he looked a bit bashfull. Just then, unfortunately, I woke up. My thoughts as I was opening my eyes to the morning light through the door were, "Boy, I guess it would be hard to figure out who was going to be subtle and trustworthy to not make a scene in a public place. How did they know that person would be me? Also, How did I know how Santana dresses? Frankly, I am not THAT much of a fan, not more than than most people in my generation. I have met celebrities before and always kept my cool. Why was I so excited about meeting him in a dream? It was more like the excitement of seeing an old friend than one of aww. So, as a medium, the first thing I did was google to see if he was still alive. Being a medium always puts a sligthly different spin on things like dreams. I knew it wasn't a prophetic vision, but I certainly was worried that Santana was dead. Thankfully, he is very much alive.