A day in the life post 01/04/18



Today I woke up knowing that my office needed to be cleared. How did I know that? Well, for one, I didn’t sleep well. That is the first sign. Secondly, I felt a tinge of anxiety I could not attribute to anything when I woke up this morning. Then there was the feeling I wanted to take a shower without necessarily needing one. This is one way I “wash off” the emotional imprints I receive from being an empath. These are all signs. When I sat down for my first session today, I learned why. It was the mother of a young adult male who took his own life. Those readings always take careful tact and compassion. It was challenging to say the least. See, I don’t allow non-ascended spirits into my home. I don’t channel them during readings. It is best to address them outside of the home in order to talk them over (into the light). However, they will sometimes drop in when I am not paying attention, such as when I am sleeping. This is one reason I clear my space regularly. They are not bad or evil, but they are not very helpful either. It’s just kind of like having a stranger in your home you didn’t invite. People sometimes say, “See, that is what happens when you open that door.” They don’t understand that the “door” is me. I AM the door. The spirits find me before the living do. I must also be the gate keeper of my own vortex . You cannot keep the gate without addressing the travelers.