How To Smudge Yourself Correctly 


Take 10 minutes out for your health and soulful wellbeing. 


1. Take the sage from the smudge kit (smudge wand, sage bundle, lighter & shell) and set it in a smudge bowl/holder/shell.

2. Light one end of the sage on fire then blow it out so that it only smokes without a flame.

3. Use the smudge wand to fan the smoke in the direction you would like it to go. It also helps the sage continue to smoke. 


4. Start by setting the burnung sage on the floor in between your feet while you stand over it.

5. Then put it about 6 inches away from your body using the wand to direct the sage towards you.

6. Then circle the body clockwise in a spiral slowly moving upwards toward your head. If it stops burning, simply relight it. 

7. Stop and pause at any point where the smoke increases or where you instinctively feel the need to smudge an area a few extra seconds. Don’t rush past the back and the neck.

8. Pause as long as needed in these areas. Injuries & focal points of illness may be another place you might want to pause until you feel relaxed and a feeling of freedom is felt.

9. Once you reach the space above your head, hold it for a few seconds asking to be cleased and healed

10. Then end the session by putting the sage back on the floor between your feet allowing it to burn out on it’s own. 

11. IMORTANT: After you finish sage smudging, hold some protective items in your hands and ask for helaing and guidance from Light & Love or God & Angels. 

Love & Light To YOU!


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