There are so many reasons we moght crave anything that is not in our best interest. While I can't address all of them, I can say that each on of them usually has an emotinoal and metaphysical reason. I find there is a great link between weight that won't budge with the best efforts and spiritual ability. All kinds of metabolic issues can occur when we don't feel safe for one reason or another. Sensitives often have an extra proectie layer of fat around their bodies when the gift is unmanaged. An unmanaged medium can feel fear fairly often. The extra layer is your body physically repsonding to this fear. It is like a force field. Addressing this in a spiritual way as suggested in the following link can help. Below are some more practical ways to address either weight gain or carb cravings that is an answer to a question from a teen I thought could benefit my readers here. I directed this at adolescents, but could be helpful to adults as well. 

How To Thuroughly Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy

Not everyone knows that most junk food is processed in your body like simple carbs. It is not much different than eating a tablespoon of sugar. Perhaps you already know this but when you consume sugar your insulin hormone spikes and then it is likely it will dip a little too low afterward causing sugar cravings again.


SOLUTION: Change the things that might be causing you to crave simple carbs. Since you are a teen, this may look a little different than an adult over 25.

  1. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Teens NOTORIOUSLY don’t sleep well enough. One day of even a couple hours of lacking sleep can cause you to crave quick energy spikes with sugar (any simple carb/junk food). If you eat a balanced meal with proper servings and feel tired afterward, you aren’t sleeping enough.
  2. EAT BREAKFAST. I don’t mean, eat breakfast if you feel like it. I mean force yourself to eat a high protein breakfast even when you don’t feel like it. If you are eating simple carbs throughout the day, you are probably crashing at night and your hunger hormones are confused. Also, don’t consider calorie restriction until your diet has changed. It is just too easy to starve yourself until the afternoon. Teens need more calories than adults their size.
  3. EXERCISE ALL DAY LONG. This doesn’t mean intense workouts, just that you move many times throughout the day. Make a rule for yourself, 2/1 rule maybe. If you sit for 20 min, walk for 10. If you sit for 40 min, walk for 20. etc… This will help keep you blood sugars regular so you have less cravings.
  4. ADDRESS STRESS. Teens these days have and ENORMOUS amount of stress to deal with. The information comes at you all day long every day. national issues, spiritual issues, family issues, friends being jerks, parents nagging on text etc… Your stress is real. Don’t let anyone tell you it is not. Cortisol is the stress hormone. It works with estrogen (which both men and women have). The combination of being overweight, high cortisol and high estrogen can make it very difficult to loose weight.
  5. EAT GREENS! I don’t want to sound like a mom, but leafy greens can help you regulate hormones and blood sugar. Green sea veggies can help you boost your thyroid. Also, veggies can help you keep iron levels within a good range.
  6. EAT QUALITY RED MEAT! Ok, so I know there are a lot of progressive teens out there with a high level of empathy and have become vegan or vegetarian. I did also. So did my daughter. We both found out our bodies don’t do it well. If you don’t want to eat meat, learn how to get enough B12 and iron. You may have to try several different ways to feel ok and it could take a couple weeks. I know several teens that were suffering from low or unstable moods who finally got the right amount of B vitamins and leveled out quite a bit. I recommend a sublingual B complex dropper. When you feel sugar cravings- drop a few drops under your tongue before you head for the junk food and wait ten minutes. You might crave something else.
  7. EAT GOOD FATS! Eat a lot a lot a lot of good fats. When you crave coffee, eat good fats first. When you crave sugar, eat good fats first. When you crave a greasy fast food, eat good fats first. When you crave snack food, eat good fats first. As much as you want for the first 3 months. They reduce inflammation, boost mood and may even help you focus. 19 Healthy Fats And High-Fat Foods You Should Be Eating Use this as your first shopping list. If this is too intimidating, buy Omega 3 (Nordic brand because of how they test for mercury). Follow the directions.
  8. IT’S AN ADDITION DIET! Not a starvation diet. Instead of try NOT to eat certain foods, start the first 3 months off by stuffing yourself with good foods you ADD to your diet. This is in addition to the junk food. (of course try to eat right first). After 3 months, look at your calorie intake. If you don’t have any metabolic imbalances, you may find the junk food naturally falls off. You amy also find strange affects of junk food, like migraines, bowel changes, hyperactivity, etc… This means your body has “learned” and is rejecting the bad stuff. Listen to it.
  9. GET ENOUGH LOVE! So, the other stuff is kind of obvious, but one of the biggest metaphysical reasons for sugar cravings and weight gain is not feeling safe or loved. Do what you can to feel safe. Tell yourself you ARE safe. Look around and name all the things that make you safe. If you are not, tell someone. If you suspect PTSD, look up ways to downgrade your nervous system. Look Up! I know it sounds like poppycock, but go outside and look into the sky (not into the sun of course). This can cause a fast adjustment in brain chemistry. Not sure why it works. Just Look Up! Yoga, exercise, counseling etc… And remember, the feeling of being loved comes from giving it, not receiving it. Give love to feel loved. If it is not appreciated, give it to someone who does.

This is a very long answer but it is an important subject to me. Youth have enough stress to worry about. Health issues don’t need to be added to it. Remember, the body is an emotional projection. Consider looking up the emotional reason for ailments and address those first. The Physical & Spiritual Meaning Behind Your Cravings