Intuitive Work is VERY SERIOUS

And Only “Enlightened” People Can Do It.  




     When we think of a spiritual leader or guru we often think of a person in flowing clothing sitting on a mat meditating in the woods, a tent or temple. This guru will have their legs crossed with their hands resting on their impossibly low to the ground knees with two fingers forming a circle towardthe sky. Whether they are chanting the word Ooohmmm… or addressing you in a soft spoken voice whispered through a grin is up to you. 


      Don’t get me wrong, I did yoga for many years and still meditate on a regular basis. The practices are highly beneficial and you will get no argument from me. However, there is a trend that bothers me that I would like to address. Franky, the concept of enlightenment as a whole bothers me. In this day and age the more the masses move away from organized religion and more toward the concept of unity through a vast amount of spiritual practices; new age, the more believers of organized religion become enthused all over again. Good for them and good for those who are spiritual in their own ways. As long as you are not hurting yourself or others, I support you whole heartedly. Here is where I start to get irked (and I am assuming being irked means I am not properly enlightened). 


      When an individual or group decides that only a certain set of practices, beliefs, or lifestyles can lead to enlightenment it automatically creates a slew of judgements in their belief system. Once these judgements have been created it literally takes an act of God to change them. We all know this is true for organized religions, so we know what to expect, however, what about the new age movement? 


     There are a variety of new words to describe many ancient concepts. It helps to know these concepts and vocabulary in order to communicate in modern spiritual language. I know them, they are words like vibration, manifest, soul retrieval, light worker, alpha waves, beta waves, alignment, atonement, chakra balancing etc…. Yes, I know them all. Many of them I use in my daily practice. Use these terms to communicate, but PLEASE don’t assume that the lack of them means a person is not enlightened. As a matter of fact don’t assume ANY person is enlightened, especially yourself. I can’t say that I know what it means to be enlightened but if can be excused to take a stab at it, here we go: 


Enlightenment IS: “Dat datta dum!….drum roll please!…..”




To Bring Light To


     That’s it! That’s what it is. It isn’t do yoga to bring light to. Is isn’t sit crossed legged to bring light to. It isn’t pray to Jesus Christ the savior to bring light to. It isn’t pray to Allah to bring light to. It isn’t think Tao or rub the Buddha belly to bring light to. It is ALL of these things if that is how you bring the light into your life. It’s when you suddenly have an epiphany or a premonitory dream or an intuition about a family member. If you feel your spine adjust back into place for no reason or feel utterly compelled to smell the flowers on the way to work, THAT is enlightenment. It is as fleeting as happiness and as versatile as what brings you pain or joy. It, like a super high vibration cannot be constantly maintained by anything living thing.

     In other words: Enlightenment cannot be defined, much less attained as an end all be all. Anyone who suggests they are themselves enlightened simply cannot be. To be in a permanent state of being with the light would make it impossible for a living thing to exist in the third dimension. It’s not your fault, it’s not anyone’s fault. We weren’t built to be able to do it consistently and be alive in this world at the same time. 

     So know this, the people that are the most naturally inclined to be able to reach a state of being in the light, are people who quite often don’t function very well in our societies, cultures and economic environments. I speak of portential rather than practice. They are often people who don’t have limiting emotional filters or belief systems that keep them from being intuitive. They are often people the average population might call mentally unstable or insane. They are sometimes so much with the light that it makes it hard for them to function in society and survive. These people may have more of an ability to be with the light than you or I and just can’t seem to manage. So, the next time someone points the finger and says, “That person is not enlightened.” assume they are right. Assume that no one is. Assume that you have no idea what their path is and also assume that every lesson they learn along their path brings them light, just as all yours bring you light. 


     Can I be frank? (Ha ha), my advice is this; If you want to attain enlightenment, stop pointing the finger, and more so, stop trying. Stop trying to be enlightened or figure out who is or who isn’t. Just pay attention to your own damn lessons and pay attention to them all the time. Let people have their lessons. I myself get so many lessons in one day I am still stunned on a regular basis at how stupid I can be. At the same time, I celebrate each event that causes me to learn about how awesome I can be. Yes, I work as an intuitive and a healer for a living and I will tell you, the only times in my life I was ever crippled from doing my job of helping people while I help myself was when I decided I needed to be “enlightened” in order to do it. If I ever assumed there was some ideal state of being I had to attain in oder to be of help as an intuitive or healer I ended up not helping anyone or doing anything. Assuming you are not enough to use your gifts is a sure fire way to never use them at all, and therefore, never earn to manage them. 


     You have heard it before, we are all intuitive and we are all capable of becoming more aware than we are now, but that does not mean we are not aware enough to start today. Just try not to develop some imaginary version of yourself that fits stereotypes of what a spiritual guru looks, acts and sounds like. Use the tools you have now and soon enough you will develop new tools. And by all means, if humor is one of your tools, use that too. There is nothing more infuriating than getting lectured by a super serious “enlightened” person. Thank you for your time and attention, I have to go meditate now. 




Mariah Maury 08/31/2016

Empathic & Clairvoyant Medium

(Mentor to Developing Sensitives)