Posted by Mariah on Dec 20, 2016

I find myself in this place again, and again I find myself not working because of it. One of the regular conversations that comes up about mediumship (especially in Santa Fe) is whether or not to charge for your services. Yes, I have a moral conflict with charging mourning people. When people come to me telling me that the holidays are coming and they miss a relative, it is quite difficult for me to charge that person. More often than not, I don't. There are a few points of view that this situation can be seen through. First, there is the concept that if clairvoyance is a gift from God, why do I charge? This is very much how I was raised. The result? Everyone in that community who has the gift is so impovished that they live in a state of uncertaintly and often fear of where the next meal with come from. Some slipped away into mental illness from stress and lack of security. It is very hard to use and manage the gift when you are constantly worried about a roof over your head and the next meal. So, I ask, why do we require this lifestyle from our sensitives? Why do we not value this talent like we do painting, sculpture, soccer or writing? Some would say that if they are the "real thing" they will be taken care of, yes, well, these same people also say, "God helps those that help themselves." If we have spiritual talent that does not create a non-greedy atmosphere of compensation there is a risk of 3 very negative outcomes with the best intentions. 

1. The intuitive cannot support themselves and slips into a chronic state of survival instinct and/or imabalance and ends up not able to share their gift for many reasons

2. The inuitive finds a way to depend on a community to support them while they become a guru of sorts. This creates power imbalances that tend to lead to cult-like  mentalities

3. The inuitive has to focus on other jobs for income and cannot meet the demand of those who are asking for a gift for free, so they end up not using their gift. 


Then there is the extreme opposite. Sometimes psychics start to see their own value as greater than others on the same field an most of all, their clients. This is when there is danger of greed. Some psychics will charge $500. a session. Why are they doing this? -Well, they are trying to get more than what they actually need; greed, or they are playing off the fact that people beleive they get what they pay for. When it comes to psychics, nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, if someone charges a large sum that most people cannot pay, you can almost bet that person's intentions are scewed and they are probably not the most talented medium. 


Here is why: 

While I am not sure I believe in good an evil in the traditional sense, I am aware the there are certain frames of mind that are dangerous in the spirit talking world. The most obvious is fear. Fear can be extremely destructive. It has a certain vibration that is sought after by traumatic energies and malicious energies. Now keep in mind, the most fearful people are often also the most powerful. Many many natural mediums will live in fear until manage their gift. They will get repeatedly attacked because those entities know they have to be influenced when they are weak or that medium with develop and send those traumatic entities across the veil (where they perceive they have no control). So the same person who is plagued by spirits, may also be one of the most powerful mediums who has not yet overcome fear. 

I am getting off point here so I will circle back.

Greed comes from either being power hungry (want to control others) or the belief that they are lacking something important. Both at the core are fear. They are the fear of being depleted, of being controled or of the future. 

You don't want a reading from someone who is afraid. I beleive this so fully that if I find myself in a cycle of fear- I stop working as a medium until it is resolved. Many times when we feel fear it is sparked by a catalyst or invitation to return to balance and evolve. As a medium I have to constantly be aware of what my own motivations are so I can meet this challenge repeatedly. Let me mention that it is very rare that the average person is affected by a malicious entity. That is often reserved for untrained lightworkers for the reasons I stated above. 

This brings me back to charging. Here is the cycle compassionate and talented natural mediums can fall into: 

-I need money

-This person is in pain and needs my services

-I don't want to charge someone who is vunerable

-But if I don't pay my bills I can't take care of myself

-If I can't take care of myself, I can't work as a medium

-now I am afraid for my future and well-being

-Maybe I should try to focus on getting money somewhere else

-Now I don't have time or energy for mediumship

-Now I returing to old patterns before I owned my gift and managed it 

-Now I am feeling unbalanced again. 

-And back to the beginning etc....


Once this cycle starts it is very difficult to get out of it. The pressure from the public to give away our skill

(because it IS a skill that has to be learned to do readings safely and positively) for free can cause empathic mediums a lot of guilt and confusion.

In my own experience- the only reason I ever started accepting money and trades for my skill is because people did not give me a choice. People stashed money in

my bags, left it at my front door, or put things in my mailbox. That is when it occured to me that most people who find value in my work DON'T WANT something for free. 

They wanted to contribute, to give and get fair and equal value. They did not want to feel indebted and they also do not trust claivoyant advisors who are struggling and feel

depleted. Then I started to receive many angealic messages encouraging me to start a professional practice. I saw 999 and 949 EVERYWHERE for months. Sometimes it was

up to 7 times a day. It was so often I actually started photographically documenting it. These numbers mean it is time to own your skill and make it available to others in a

spiritual practice. 


I started charging because it was time. I needed to do mediumship full time and there was only one way to accomplish that. 


But on the holidays, I struggle. I am comfotable with charging people who want life change because investing guidance makes it more likely people will change their lives for the better. I am comfortable teaching people how to speak to their own guides. I am comfortable charging for location services or cold cases. I am NOT comfortable charging people for missing their loved ones on the holidays. Quite frankly, I don't think anyone else should be either. This is why on the holidays when someone wants to talk to a loved one- this is my response: 

As usual I do not guarantee communication with any one person. If a medium promises this, be very wary. They may be conjuring against the best interest of the client and spirit. Also, they may tell you what you want to hear in order to get paid. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."  The truth is that ANYONE can conjure. ANYONE can ask for a spirit to come. The problem is, you can't prove what you get. Once you make such a request the door is open for anything. Natural mediums work in reverse. They spend monst of their energy trying to close doors rather than open them. This creates a skill set that does not require conjuring. Acended Spirit Guides come through when and how it is the most beneficial for that client. Conjuring certain spirits can lead to all kinds of complications. Most modern day psychics do not have the skillset and belief system to do this safely. True Shamans may be able to do this but that is after a lifetime of intsruction in a culture that acknowledges this practice. Americans are rarely real shamans. Some are good shamanic praticioners- but those people have usually studied it for half their lifetime with actual shamans around the world. If this is the case, then The Shamans sensed this natitual gift in that person. Shaman-like American Indians or Medicine Men & Women, not Shamans. Any person who claims to be a "Native American Shaman" is NOT. 

This post turned out to be a ramble but I think it said many things that needed to be addressed. When I look for guidance from another psychic medium, I look for someone who is confident but not greedy, flexible with their pay to accomodate the less financially fortunate and who does not willfully conjure spirits to please clients. I encourage you to do the same. So how do you speak to loved ones on the holidays? Easy, you just speak. They will hear you, I promise. If what you need is to hear back from them, just ask them for validation. You will probably get it in the form of simple messages from oother people, your pets or small gifts. Look for repetition of 'coincidental' events. There is no coincidence. 

As for me? I tend to retreat on the holidays in order to move away from the moral conflict I am faced with when it comes to charging. However, I am not quite sure this is the best approach. Maybe it is best to let my clients decide what they want to pay or trade between Thankgiving and New Years. 


Happy Wonderful Holidays to YOU! 

Love and Light,