Narcissists have been disconnected from their own connection to the source. They have lost the thing within themselves that allows them to obtain their energy from the universe. I believe this is due to trauma. It is like they are not resonating in balance anymore right down to the soul of their being. Shamans might suggest that a piece of their soul was separated and cannot be rejoined without intense spiritual intervention.

Most people are not aware of it unless it suddenly vanishes (which is rare) but everyone is connected to the spiritual energy of the world. People refer to this in many ways without quite understanding what they are saying;

“I need to stay home tonight and recharge.”

“Boy, work sucked me dry today and I need a boost.”

“It’s like I get a surge of energy when I go out in nature.”


Sometimes when a person who is extremely connected to this source experiences a trauma this connection gets impinged and even sometimes severed. The way this manifests in life is that they learn to replenish their soul energy from other people. They feel depleted without it. Imagine you were suddenly incapable of finding food on your own and had to rely completely on someone else to supply any nourishment. Narcs are injured empaths that have lost the ability to feed themselves energetically. They will create situations to get this nourishment in any way they can. This is often why people around them report feeling invigorated and then utterly drained. They will push the energy they have (obtained by others) to invigorate and then when it starts to deplete they pull this energy from whatever source is near them.

Because of this, sudden withdrawal of that energy is perceived by the narc as a hostile act. The removal of that stability threatens to topple the narc. Again, imagine the one source of food you have suddenly withholds and you begin to starve. You would definitely feel like a victim. You would feel attacked and neglected. You might say and do anything in order to be able to eat. If that source no longer offers food the narc will go out and find another source immediately. Soon that source had been depleted and then they will go back to established source for a recharge. This is why narcs often surround themselves with highly powerful, empathic and spiritual people. These people act as batteries for the narc. The irony is that the narc knows that something is missing and their behaviors are oten fueled by intense envy of others who have an abundance of that personal power. This manifests as anger or rage. 

So, this is a very long winded answer suggesting that there is no “final discard”. There is only discard as long as the battery is low. One thing that people really miss about narcs because they don’t use empathy for its intended purpose, is that narcs are often highly intuitive. They can sense when one of their batteries has recharged and will almost always return until they have a consistent source elsewhere.

I very much believe that the treatment for narcissism is not through intellect, cognitive or behavioral therapy, not initially anyway. As an empathic, clairvoyant medium who has experience with shamans, I believe the treatment for narcs should be energetic and spiritual. If you can help a narc reconnect to the source they will no longer seek individuals in order to fill this need. Once the hole is filled with energy, the perceptions of depletion, victimization and jealousy start to slowly vanish. This greatly reduces the risk of narcissistic injury causing a break. Only then will a narc receive traditional therapy.

Until this process is initiated, all sources are better off maintaining no contact. If your life is hopelessly intertwined with a narc, talk to a medium, healer or shaman who can teach you how to remain grounded and never get depleted. You can also, over time, give some of these skills to the narc in hopes that it helps them. In may experience, however, never address the issue directly or they will reject everything tool you try to gove them. 

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