Hello Readers, Empaths, Psychics and Skeptics,

After many requests to tell what it is like, This is a regular journal entry of daily life as medium. 


           My husband and son are out in the mountains today cutting firewood. I am a relieved to have time alone but also worried about a seven year old around men with chain saws and falling trees. I take solace in knowing that when I am not around my husband is a safety nut. As I gather my items together to leave the house to run Christmas errands and stop at a coffee shop to write, I have a sudden urge to call my mother. I think, I better call, but I don't really have time to talk. I'd better call. These days I know better than to ignore this hankering so I stopped and called. She answered,"Hey Rye" as usual. 

"How are you mom?" 

"Oh, I am having a terrible day." (This is not typical since my mom is normally a die hard optimist) 

"What's going on?" I say while a little distracted and wanting to leave. 

She goes on to say that her horse is repeatedly getting out and acting excited or strange. Now she has my full attention. 

"Is she trying to tell you something? I ask."

"I don't know, maybe."

I go on to explain: "Yesterday I did a reading for an animal whisperer. All her spirit guides were animals. It was very difficult to translate at first but once I got the hang of it the reading was amazing! I learned so much!" 

My mother who is an animal intuitive herself said, "Yes, she is telling me she is bored to fucking death." (Yes, my family members cuss sometimes.) 

I went on to tell her some of the messages I received during the reading with the animal intuitive and how it was validated. I say simply, "Go out and talk to her." 

"I did, but I am too frustrated to listen right now. You do it."

"Well, I don't know mom, it is kind of more your thing than mine." 

"No, please check in with her. I am too frustrated and tired today to do it." 

I feel concerned and I really want to tell her about a few animal experiences I have had recently (in another post I am working on) but am aware it is the wrong timing. I want to help with her frustration and realize the best thing is to just do what she asked. Instead, I just say,

"Okay mom. I will try." 

So, today, I guess I am doing a remote animal psychic reading for a horse?? Didn't see that coming! 

Part of me is thinking, Of course that is what I am doing now!. The other part of me thinks, If I hadn't had that intense and illuminating reading two days ago. I would not have even attenpted this today. Let's see how it goes!