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Mariah Maury, Intuitive Consultant and Behavior Analysis 

First, let me say that I am mildly annoyed that this concept even has an “ism” attached to it. It implies that there is a strict adherence to a concept that is removed from other isms. The reason is that I think this concept could fit within most other isms.

The belief that the divine is in everything to some extent could be a great unifier among the religions. That is just my perception.

Yes, and No, Tennessee doesn’t have “A” Spirit. Tennessee has Spirit (omnipresent and plural). Here is a description: A spirit (singular) is a drop of water in the ocean and is usually used to refer to a human spirit. Spirit (plural and dispersed in everything) IS the ocean and is not limited to human spirits. A drop is identifiable and independent but then when it enters the ocean it is indistinguishable and enmeshed in all the other drops. The chemical, energetic and biological information is now also part of the whole and accessible by all other water droplets. Does the drop still exist? -Yes, but it is no longer separate. This is Spirit. Native Americans are very familiar with this concept. Sometimes western culture has difficulty with it.

Tennesse is part of the energetic ocean we all live in. While this seems like it is in conflict with the concept of one God, it could be accompanied by it if it is thought of as energy. This helps merge science and religion. Spirit can also be consider “One God” in many forms- simultaneously. We don’t know what forms God takes, how large it is or where it resides.

Language can be used to create inclusivity or it can be used to exclude. Pantheism is an example of the later. I am going to go even further and say that FOR ME this is not a “belief”. FOR ME this is the truth. It is not quite the same as believing such as is required in most formal religions. Believing implies there is no proof so you must accept it anyway. I did not come to understand the spirit world this way through belief. I came to understand it this way through the direct communication with the spirit world. Those communications resulted in accurate information being relayed to me in the living world.

I understand how this sounds, but I believe this truth will eventually be scientifically proven. Belief will not be necessary to understand it. That said, I think humanity will always need beliefs and religion regardless in order to have diverse languages to communicate with it.

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