Are you an empath, psychic, or both? Why?

Mariah Maury
Mariah Maury, Intuitive Consultant and Behavior Analysis 

Since people like to use labels to separate the skills that I kind of think of as one skill. I would be considered:

A clairvoyant, clairaudient, claisentient psychic, empathic (tele-empath) medium and remote viewer. I also spend time out of body in my sleep. Some call that spirit walking.

Really what this means is that I am able to tap into the energetic grid to communicate with souls and retrieve information.

I only know this is true because I validated the information by gathering proof hundreds of times.

My first suggestion to budding psychics is to communicate the information they receive. If it is not accurate to high percentage, they may be experiencing something else.

As for the why:

I am wondering if you meant how. In that case I sincerely don't know for sure. I have a few hypothesis but no proof- or this would be science instead of metaphysics. That says, it runs intensely in my family on both sides. I also believe most people have it to a greater or lesser extent.

Why is simple: To connect humanity and help in any way I can.

Hope this helps.

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