Do Animals Gravitate Toward Empaths? 


I would say so. Sometimes people get frustrated that their dogs don’t want to walk away from me but I kind of assumed they were just super friendly dogs.

With me it’s more wild animals and cats. I’m not crazy about cats though. I’m definitely more of a dog person. I’ve had many wild animals come abnormally close to me such as birds: blue birds, falcons, ravens, cranes, sparrows, finches and road runners etc…

I can make an uncanny raven call. I’ve had entire conversations with ravens.

All of my life butterflies have landed right on my face. It’s as if they are trying to get my attention.

I’ve even had encounters with very large fish in the ocean.

A few times wild deer have walked right up to me in the woods. Once a pure white coyote pranced past me about 8 feet away. It stopped briefly and looked at me, then kept going. It’s odd because I grew up inner city. I didn’t discover most of this until I moved away. When I speak to animals they seem to stop and listen to me.

Strangely enough I also have this connection with children, especially autistic children. I am not suggesting a connection with animals, just that people are often surprised their kids will walk right up to me and stand next to me like they know me, hold my hand or talk to me at length. A few have out right hugged me.

I’m not sure I have told this to anyone but very close friends and family who have witnessed it.


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