So, I write a lot about how “psychic powers” may just be an extension of normal human sensory traits. Think of it this way:

If you went blind you might be able to develop your hearing in extraordinary ways.

If you lost both hands you may discover how to use your feet in surprising ways.

If you lost your sense of smell and taste you might become hyper sensitive to textures.

Now consider that we are discovering human senses that no one ever knew we have:

10 Extra Human Senses You Didn’t Know You Had

So, imagine you were able to hyper develop all your senses including the extra ones…

Vision becomes sensitive to little known light waves including some that are coming from hundreds if not millions of years ago, like starlight.

Hearing can pick up vibrations no one notices. Maybe even your whole body can begin to detect vibrations such as the ones in our earth due to tectonic movement.

Your touch can perceive tension in deep layers of skin and tissues of other people or animals. Sometimes there are lumps or blockages that can be detected.

You may be able to smell pheromones to hieghtened degree. You might know where a woman is on her cycle, whether she is pregnant or has had a pregnancy. In men you might detect their recent sexual behavior.

Your sense of space around you is sensitive enough to pick up on the presence of other objects or living things because of the movement of air and sound around them. You may even begin to detect fluctuations in gravity.

You begin to sense magnetic fields bringing the ability to gauge how large they are, what they originate from or even the density and size of the object at the center. When they collide you get even more info.

Suddenly living things including plants seem to make more sense because now you can perceive realities that may be different from your own.

Your innate sense of time/space warps to pick up on quantum fields. Can we sense these on some level? Would it give us access to other dimensions if our senses go beyond what we have known?

I would like to propose a sense that no one has ever mentioned and is not scienctifically proven: MEMORY

I (as an intuitive and intellectual but not a scientist) believe memory is actually a sense. Neurologists can find the place in the brain where memories are made and recalled, but not stored. I believe memory is the brain’s ability to pick up on imprints in the space around us that have been made over time. These imprints exist in everything as if our entire world is recording device. It’s not much different than your computer detecting WiFi and decifering the info, then converting it to a form in which we can perceive it. The concept of memory was created long before we knew we could send invisible signals through the air to the other side of the world and even into outer space. Perhaps our brain is an organ that “senses” what we call memory. Imagine what humanity would be capable of if we all knew everything that everyone else knows?

I also think EMPATHIC PERCEPTION is a sense. Studies have shown that people’s brain waves will try to sync with other people’s when someone is behaving in an empathetic way. Some studies suggest the fascia in our bodies mimic the pain and/or relief that others are feeling.

So, maybe if I put it in these terms you can see how developing these senses we already possess until it resembles psychic ability is not so far fetched. It is advanced science we currently can’t distinguish from magic. You put all that together and it doesn’t seem so impossible that someone might be able to pick up on the memories of others, perceive events in another time/space or be able to feel what others feel over distances. Perhaps we might even be able to detect a life force that is disembodied. A psychic is someone who is picking up on these things and is able to communicate it to others.

Personally, I hate the world “psychic”. I think it bastardizes something that is extraordinary that the whole of humanity is capable of on a very real level. It also gives some people who are endowed with these talents at birth a God complex. These so called “powers” become entrenched in religion and moral judgement to an extent that many scientists ignorantly reject the whole concept as irrational. It is the same irrational process that kept scientists and philosophers from accepting the earth was round, that it revolved around the sun or that quantum entanglement was a real thing. In my opinion this effect stunts humanity as a whole and we need to quit putting “psychics” in a box as sooth sayers, mystics or even witches or warlocks. People have been burned alive because of the fear of these people having more power than them. Evolution has decided to give us a boost. Every day children are being born with “sensory processing disorder” and other co-morbidities. We are just people with literal extra-sensory ability. Sure, we may struggle trying to process it all, but it’s time to recognize that it is in all of us.

I have babbled enough. I hope this helps.

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