I have a process I walk people through to them validate their intuitive talents. If it doesn’t work, I often recommend mental health help. Sometimes I do both. It is surprising to me how insistent our western culture is on separating intuitive talents from mental illness. There is this either/or mentality.

A person is either a medium or a schizophrenic

A person is either an empath or has a mood disorder

A person is either a clairvoyant or has a psychotic disorder

It is exactly this type of mentality that encourages people who are both gifted and suffering to not get help. It is also this mentality that keeps psychologists from acknowledging the intuitive gifts of their clients or threatens to ruin their careers if they do.

Not everyone hearing voices or seeing things is experiencing extrasensory talents. I am aware of that. But, why aren’t these people at least encouraged to try to validate what they are experiencing BEFORE they are dismissed and medicated? I had the good fortune of having a counselor that did exactly this. I walked in and said,

“I am here because I am experiencing strange things and I think I am going crazy. I want you to screen me for schizophrenia.”

After a long session of learning that I financially supported myself by holding down two jobs, raising a child and getting straight As in school she said, “Based on the fact that you seem to be able to juggle more than the average person and that you are even aware enough to be concerned you are crazy, I am going to assume you are not- for now. Instead, here is your homework…Tell everyone in your visions what you see and hear. Write it all down. Make note of whether they said the details were true or false. Then come back next week and we’ll review it.”

It was the most terrifying and extrordinary week of my life. I swallowed the fear in an effort to find out if I really was losing my mind. By the end of the week I had documented proof of my psychic mediumship talents. Almost every detail I had communicated to others was accurate. People cried, hugged me and told me I had changed their lives. It also changed mine forever. That week the counselor asked me to bring in a few people to verify my notes. I did. She took a huge risk and said to me:

“Mariah, you have a functional life with a few extra challenges you are handling very well. Based on our due diligence, you have an intuitive gift. I do not think you are delusional or “crazy” at all. Came back to me if things start to fall apart. It was a wonderful adventure meeting you.”

After I left there my life took a magnificent turn I would have never dreamed of had I not walked into her office.

THAT is what I suggest should happen. THAT should be the norm. I cringe when I think of all the people like me who walked into a different counselor’s office and were told their reality didn’t exist.

I hold people’s hand as they try to verify these things. I encourage them to communicate their visions to others. Are the details accurate? Is it helpful to the other individuals? Does it help you built relationships or does it destroy them? Is what they have a benefit to others in any way? Most of the time they find that their intuition is pretty damn accurate. On occasion, it is not. I carefully guide those people to mental health professionals. But other times, it is both. The talent is so strong that it sort of takes over. Where do these people go? Who will help them? I am trying to fill this void but they need a network. They need both. I am not enough.

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