Posted by Mariah on Feb 11, 2019

What Is Being Psychic Like? 


everything in the world that has ever happened and will happen are all happening at the same time.

the moment we are living in is somehow the only moment that doesn’t truly exist. It’s a weird ever changing non-descriptive void. The past and future feel more concrete to me. (I’m aware of how this sounds, but recently I learned this is consistent with quantum theory).

time is cyclical and all this has happened before.

you can’t understand why other people aren’t able to foresee the consequences of their actions.

there are way more answers to every situation than most people can calculate.

I’m really annoying to watch a new movie with. I can “see” the ending almost every flick. I think this is more because I studied fiction writing and story telling though. Character development is an easy tool for prediction.

it’s nearly impossible to sneak up on me. My siblings turned it into a game, “Whoever can sneak up on Mariah and get close enough to touch her gets a piggy back ride.”

most people are so caught up in themselves they can’t see their connection to literally everything and everyone else in the universe. Every decision matters- but some matter way more.

my mind is continuous movie as every event triggers a butterfly effect I can “see”. They feel like memories that are not mine.

I have to be at peace with every possible outcome at once because people can change most futures with a seemingly insignificant decision.

Other people are often surprised how sane I am. They expect if I am “the real thing” I am to be so overwhelmed that I loose my grip on reality. Movies and books often depict clairvoyants as unstable, religiously inflicted and morally conflicted. -even floating in a permanent aqueous prison to be used as a person device to obtain wealth and power. “THIS IS SPARTA!” -EEK!

I have to defend the very fact that I exist. I cannot even describe how it feels to be a fairly logical person who hears other fairly logical people tell you on nearly a daily basis that what you are doesn’t even exist.

because I AM psychic, I know there is documented proof that it is real and I wish that humanity was fully ready to accept that proof. Maybe it is.

people think I am constantly seeing their personal information. I am not. I am able to effectively block out personal information for about 1–2 hrs at a time. I strongly dislike seeing people’s personal lives. I have enough of my own life problems and it is amoral to cross that boundary without permission or a life threatening emergency. (There eventually will be legal questions that come up around that also).

I need to retreat to privacy often to recoup and let down the wall. This is why many of us are introverts or love nature. We can spread out and not worry about not existing or keeping up barriers.

it can be really annoying, but if it ever goes away it as jarring to me as losing my sight, so I express gratitude every day and try the best I can to use it to help others.