Mariah Maury

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Mariah Maury, Intuitive Consultant and Behavior Analysis 

Yes, we are real. I am not a unicorn or the easter bunny. I am a real person who communicates with those who have crossed. I am not trying to make fun (okay maybe a little bit). Please forgive me. I just find this question entertaining. To me it is like asking if olympians are real or if navy seals are real. Just because a group of people do something that you can’t or won’t do doesn’t mean we don't exist. I know what you mean though, and I will answer with all seriousness.

Yes, there are actually quite of few real mediums on the earth right now. And yes, there are quite a few frauds too. Really, the only way to know for sure if mediums can do what they claim is to get a reading. Here is a list of things to look out for if and when you decide to do so.

  1. Get a reference. Try to avoid going online and searching “psychic medium.” If you do, try to get the medium on the phone to ask them questions about themselves. (Don’t answer any though). Then trust your instincts about the answers. Ex: How long have you been doing readings? (you want more than a couple years). When did you know you were a medium? (ideally, they will answer since birth). Do you conjure? (hopefully not). Do you do people’s bidding if they pay you? (Again, any spirit worker that gets paid to mess with free will is playing with fire.) Keep in mind though, not all elder mediums have the patience for being questioned. They are just as likely to say, “I don’t have time for this.” So it is a gamble. -Just politely apologize and trust your instincts.
  2. Unless you are asking the medium to work on a current or cold case, you don't need to provide ANY information. Some people do congruent readings that include astrology or numerology. Make sure you know what they are offering that you are comfortable with it before hand. A straight medium doesn’t need your last name, your address, your birth date, your ss#, drivers license, or credit card! Some mediums do like to work with pictures and items at the time of the reading though.
  3. Be weary if they ask you to pay upfront. I have a prepaid option but people are welcome to decline and pay after. Paying upfront leaves you will no way out if the reading is completely inaccurate. It also give the person some of your information.
  4. If the medium starts off with questions (even if it seems like conversation) don’t answer them. Try not to lie either though. Just politely say, I would rather not answer questions right now. A professional medium will know you are apprehensive and be conscious to help make you feel comfortable, but will not pressure you to answer.
  5. Ask questions later in the reading. A medium can infer what you are looking for based on the questions and how they are asked. Keep in mind that having extra senses also comes along with having heightened regular senses. It can’t be separated. Also, we are human, we make assumptions and judgements subconsciously even when we try hard not to. Less is more for me in the beginning for this reason.
  6. Once you have decided to trust the medium, then trust. Don’t challenge all the information they are giving you unless you are considering ending the reading due to inaccuracy. Being combative and distrusting might signal your spirit guides to stop offering guidance because you are uncomfortable.
  7. This is bold, but I suggest to anyone who feels ripped off or extremely fearful without hope (and there is no present genuinely life threatening situation like a real person actively trying to kill you) at the end of the reading to ask for your money back. WHY? Most true mediums are compassionate people who work to alleviate fear and have no desire for people to leave their space feeling taken. Even if they are the real thing they could have had a bad day. If they are real they will likely feel pretty bad about being so off that day and will gladly give you back what you paid.
  8. Don’t accuse the medium of being inaccurate just because you received the opposite message of what you wanted to hear. This is likely a sign they are the real thing. Most people will pay easily for a message they want so a real medium will know delivering anything else is a risk. Do, however, let the medium know if they were wrong. Part of the path is validation for the medium so they can trust themselves and their minds. you are not helping them by being nice. Tell them the truth.

Ex: I have had extremely accurate readings, but once told a psychic she was an obvious fraud and walked out. It was the only time, which is good odds. The woman told me to put my money and credit into a basket on the table. I politely declined. She was visibly perturbed. She then asked me several leading questions. I replied vaguely because I knew what she was doing. She then started off with the most bizarre information. She made a lot of assumptions based on how I looked. She assumed I was an extreme liberal, a vegetarian, that I was wealthy and did not had any children. She even guessed I had not had paranormal experiences in my life and want to open my mind to new experiences. COULD NOT have been more wrong. I got up and walked out after ten minutes. She demanded payment. I turned and told her I was a medium and everything she said was wrong. She just shrugged and smiled like “opps I’m busted.” So, yes, there are real mediums and real fakes.

I wish science would hurry up and catch up so people won’t be so confused about this anymore. This is a lot of information but I believe it necessary to answer the question thoroughly. Good Luck!