Everyone knows about the recent implimentation of Presidential Alerts to the phones of every American citizen. If you don't, you probably don't have a cell phone because there is no way to opt out of receiving these alerts. First, let me say that I have often wondered if a system like this existed. It does seem to make sense to be able to reach the majority of the population in an instant in the case of a true national emergency. That said, I think it is fair to say that many people are concerned it will be abused in very psychological and technological ways. I am not going to focus on that though. I am going to focus on the spiritual part as I always do. 

The word that comes to mind immediately and unnequivically is FEAR (in capitals). The most insidious ways to instill fear in your adversaries and constituants is through subtle and consistent suggestions causing suspense. My concern is that this tactic is similar to that of building suspense in a horror flick or novel (or a reality TV show). There is a classic recipe for this kind of thing since the days of Hitchcock. 

1. Know something that the audience doesn't know. 

2. Show the audience there is a threat, but also show that the characters don't know it. 

3. Put the characters is emminent danger with the hope of escape, but don't allow it. 

4. Make reoccurring suggestions of what that threat might be but never tell it directly so imagination takes over. 

5. Confirm the worst fears of the audience but make them wait for it, that way the next time there is a perceived threat the fear will be increased by validation. 


The Presidential Alerts have the capability to deliver all of these things directly to the cell phones of every single person in the country. If used correctly, it could offer a sense of security, however, something tells me the intention might not be to allay but rather to rev up. It's the perfect set up to increase ratings through instant terror. Used incorrectly it is a deviously brilliant. When I initially saw this alert my heart dropped in my chest. I unconsciously held my breath and immediatly clicked on the browser to see what terrible thing could be happening. I had real physical sensations of fear. 

Take that fear and magnify it by 220 million. (Stats on cell phone use in the US link). What you have is a giant energetic marker that changes the vibrational frequency of an entire continent inviting any entity that is attracted to or thrives off of fear. It's as if you were going to put LED t-shirts on every single person with a cell phone in the dark of the night and pretent that can't be seen from space. Psychologists should set up a way to research the implications of this immediately. There is no way you can trigger fear in that many people at one time and not have measurable effects. The physical effects of fear are already well known. (Physical effects of fear link). So we can prove the emotional and physical effects, but what about the spiritual effects? If you are a medium or an empath, please read all the way to the end. If you don't identify as either, please still read to the end becasue you might be able to help a sensitive person you know. Fear is contagious. (Fear is contagious link) You can help stop it from spreading. The metaphysical effects are not currently measureable but here are my concerns: 



The first thing we learn as practicing or non-practicing managed mediums is to control fear by validating it, then relieving it, then eventually changing our habits and thought patterns to avoid it in the first place. Eventually we become balanced and so familiar with the lack of the sensations and behaviors of fear that we can use that to detect it in people and places. Believe me when I say there is enough of it in the world. Our jobs are challenged enough. We don't need more of it to wade through to do our work. 


UNMANAGED MEDIUMS (Including Children): 

Common afflictions of those with an extra talent in mediumship is fear and anxiety. I see it very often. These days paranormal experiences are much more likely to be accepted by individuals and their parents which helps newer mediums manage it. However, there is no shortage of mediums being gaslighted, persecuted as evil, and unnecessarily diagnosed or medicated. Keep in mind, I am the first to acknowledge that there is true mental illness that sometimes require medication. It is also common for those illnesses to be present as a co-morbidity in natural mediums. Sometimes true mediums also need psychicatic care. I am saying though, that many are misintrepreted as mental illness even when it is possible to validate the experiences of a true medium. In a climate of fear these people are not only more likely to persecuted as afflicted, but also experience increased paranormal phenomenon exacerabating symptoms in the first place. A natural medium in an intense fear state can become the unwilling doorway for entities and spirits that exist in that energetic frquency. It works both ways. A natural medium was born a doorway. We decide what type of doorway with our actions and intentions. With fear, a medium has limited options. With tools they can become a gateway to healing. In the mean time, anxiety is already common complication for unmanaged mediums. Adding a condensed joint of intense fear is not at all helpful. 


An empath is a person who can physically feel the emotions and sensations of others. Most of us have this to some degree. There are some who have it on the more extreme side. Empaths work in many fields that are professional and scientific using their empathic ability to help humanity. Some exclusively read as empaths such as energy healers and medical inuitives. This talent takes a lifetime to learn to manage well. Controling or eliminating fear, projection or blame is crucial to this humanitarian work. Being bombarded by fear for miles in every direction from millions of people could make this kind of work very difficult for at least a short duration of time. Fear on this scale can put empaths all over the country at risk. The kind of selfless work many empaths already do is hard enough. 

 UNMANAGED EMPATHS (Including Children): 

Here is the greatest risk and the primary reason I am writing this post. It is not uncommon for empaths who don't know how to manage their emotions, much less everyone else's to flirt with extreme escapism. By that I mean doing things that relieve the intense pain and responsibility of feeling way too much. This may include risky behaviors manifesting in hard drug or alcohol use, sex addiction or all out suicidal ideation and attempts.(Suicide Rates Since Trump Presidency link) Most of the empaths I have worked with have struggled with these challenges at some point in their lives. There are more and more people experiencing this every single day. We have sensory children everywhere the previous generations don't necessarily understand. How can someone's senses keep them from functioning in society? It must be a disorder or a brain malfunction. Perhaps it's just evolution progressing the catalyst before it has a response. The extreme senses come first, then the adjustment to the brain and the mind come after. My point is that it is a critical point in human evolution and these people have stages in their lives where they are fragile. Bomdarding a mass number of empaths with fear from every direction all at once likely to put many of these people over the edge. Acting on suicide is a often a split second and impulsive decision that is regretted later (if they survive). I know as medium most who did die usually regret it also. Someone needs to put in place a way to track suicide numbers during those Presidential Alerts. My prediction is there will be a sharp spike in the 24 hrs after those alerts if they become an intrusive thing. This will be due to the amplified fear response, not necessarily to the perceived threat itself. 



1. Mental health professionals need to set up a system to collect data during and after these alerts

2. Mediums need to have a tools to keep their energetic fields clear and balanced the 24 hrs after these alerts. (Click here for clearing instructions link)

3. Empaths need to inform someone they trust to check in on them during these tests if they are feeling affected. Have phone #s available 24/7. I will create a post that may    

       help empaths ground themselves during a crisis while they seek professional or planned help. It is in no way intended to replace a 911 call. 

4. If you don't identify as either of these, consider employing an extra amount of compassion on the days of these alerts. Choose your responses and don't react. 


I take the risk of this post anticipating these events as something negative ultimately contributing to the fear response. What I have learned working with empaths and mediums is that validating their experiences immediately reduces many of the negative effects of them. By telling people there could be a national mental health crisis response to these alerts, hopefully people will be prepared and think before they make impulsive decisions. Hopefully they will go, "Wait, was there an alert today? Are people feeling an abnormal amount to emotional strife on a mass scale today? Maybe I can get through the next 24 hours." Maybe researchers will find a way to track mental health statistics during and after these alerts. The most hope filled statement I have is that these Presidential Aterts are truly used to protect us and not to manipulate us. I do believe a protective president could put this system to good use. 


Love and Light to you,