Posted by Mariah on Sep 12, 2018

So here it is, the very subject that gave me writer's block. Every time I have sat down to write a post in the last six months I have struggled. The reason? I feel very passionately about things that are happening in the world and the truth is that when I write about it, it often it comes out on paper as rather negative. I promptly erase it and say I will do a clearing and and come back to this later. However, several days later, several news stories, presidential tweets, protests and abnormal weather days later- what seemed a little negative now feels downright gloomy. But I refuse! I refuse to not see the positive in all of this. I refuse to get bogged down in depression about the state of my country and the world in general. I refuse!

Six months later I had written absolutely nothing!

So here is what I learned; sometimes there isn't a bright side, at least not immediately. The truth is that regardless of whether you are a liberal democrat, a conservative republican, a libertarian or and independent (not to mention the long forgotten conservative democrat and moderate republican). Things admittedly may look rather bleak these days unless you view divisiveness as a positive for the future of mankind. Yes, there are some who do. I want to try and reach a wide variety of people with this post. Keep in mind, some of it may be triggering and could possibly make you angry politically. -That is my disclaimer. I want to also say that one way I know I am true medium and clairvoyant is that sometimes I REALLY dislike my visions. Sometimes I argue with my guides and blatantly refuse to believe the truths and futures I see. Sometimes they downright piss me off for a few days. On occasion I am charged with delivering a message I utterly disagree with from a personal perspective. 

While this can be challenging to say the least, it give me a perspective that is dwindling in the world. That is the perspective that comes from being forced to see things from someone else's view whom you passionately disagree with. I am not kidding on how challenging this can be if you fight seeing it. I am sure there are other intuitives that are much less objective and stubborn than me who are willing to change their personal convictions on the whim of a strong vision. They might even be more enlightened than me (whatever that means) but not me, I find it crucial to define myself separately from the visions I see- otherwise I would be mentally and emotionally fickle. I need a person to come home to in my mind after seeing the world in my visions. 

So, I identify as a conservative democrat or an independent. I have a couple of views that side on the very republican side (regarding job creation, military military support and educational regulation). I will spare you the rest. I only mention it because I want you to know where my personal perspective is so that when I go into the visions and premonitions you understand I am not coming from wishful thinking. Here are a few examples of readings I have done where I literally held my mouth shut with my hand to avoid giving messages I did not agree with on a personal level. The political stuff is at the end. 


A repeat client found herself in a situation where she was being, at the very least, disregarded, gaslighted and put in legal jeopardy. I very badly wanted to tell her, "Screw all those people taking advantage of you and leaving you without a sanctuary. Separate yourself and run like hell!" As that would have been my response as a friend.

But NO!- that was not the message. The message was, "Go home. Go home NOW. You must go home and invite the conflict into your home. Give him a legal lease for the room. Keep your loved ones close. You have two weeks to clear your name." 

As a strong woman speaking to a strong woman, I held this message back until my stomach felt nauseous. I repeated other parts of the reading over and over hoping to run out of time before I could say it. She must have been annoyed with how many times I said the same things. At one point I physically put my hand over my mouth. In the end, however, eventually it came out. I was sure she would think I was the most insensitive person in the world. Instead, she accepted the message as if she had already been considering it. In the end, spirit turned out to be right. The reasons became clear later on. If I had listened to my own prejudices, she would have ended up much worse off. 



My readings are blind. I receive no information before I start. I had one reading where I became very angry with the spirit and had to take a few moments to ground (it is not safe to combine mediumship and anger). A lovely woman and her teen daughter came to me. Five minutes in, a spirit man with a shot gun showed up. He announced he had commited suicide and had absoltuelty no regrets doing so. He was VERY insistant that if he had to do it over, he would make the same choice over and over again. The odd thing was, he had fully crossed into the light. I had not ever encountered a suicide that fully cossed that had a selfish message. Quite frankly it confused me and I decided that this family did not need to hear this message; that is was detrimental. I tried to reschedule for a later date. The mother leaned over and said, it's ok, you can tell us. We know this is going to be hard to swallow. So I told her a man with a shot gun was standing proud. 

THE MESSAGE: "Yeah, I blew my head off, and I don't regret it at all. I would do it all over again a thousand times." 

The mom said, "Well, now we know you are the real thing. No one would make something that horrible up and it is exactly what I would expect from him." 

The spirit went on to say that he had done very bad things. He was mentally and sexually abusive. He genuinely didn't care about the feelings of others or those he hurt in life. He came to a logical conclusion that if he didn't kill himself, he would never stop hurting.....children. He went on to say that from ther other side he could reincarate into something that would teach him true empathy. He could watch over his daughter with genuine concern. To him, suicide was a form of recycling something that was broken and an act of mercy. THIS is why he crossed over. 

The mom went to confirm he was on trial for several counts of child sexual assault when he did it. The daughter was one of the victims.

My job can be very hard, heavy and contraversial sometimes, and sometimes I don't understand the messages myself.- but if I don't honor them, I cause more harm than good. I watched this mom and daughter cry and start to heal in front of me. It turns out that this man's suicide was the first act of empathy or compassion she had ever experienced from her father. She was devastated but now in a position she could forgive him. He was going to be aquitted because there wasn't enough evidence. The reading confirmed for all the families that what they thought happened, actually did. This allowed healing to begin for many people.

...I know.... I am just the messenger.  


EX 3: 

I absolutely KNEW without hesitation, without a doubt that Trump would win the presidency over Clinton. Now mind you, I cried myself to sleep over this the weeks before the election. I am not a Clinton fan and had little intention to vote for her, but it didn't matter- I knew she wouldn't win. Even though I was not a Clinton fan, I was quite sure Trump would lead us into the greatest social, security and economic regression of US history and possibly world history. You will just have to guess who I did vote for. Many people asked me about my prediciton for the win. I generally tried avoid answering, but I am no actor, people knew what my silence said. About 4 friends (1 republican and 1 libertarien) scolded me and didn't speak to me again until after he was sworn in. The thing that most don't know is that the end result, whether Clinton or Trump had won, would have been the same from the big picture. Hilary would have taken the high road and Trump obviously takes the low road, but they end up in the same place. 

Where is that you ask? 

That is the topic of new post in the next 2 weeks. I am going to write a comprehensive post on the big spiritual picture regarding the Trump presidency. Mostly it was preparation for you to understand that the messenger does not control the message, yet as in history, if that message is not delivered, sometimes grave consequences may ensue. Other times it is simply meant to help people emotionally process difficult events. When I do have a vision I think has consequences of mortality or military action, I communicate it to specific channels rather than yell it into the night. I am not sure there are any changeable consequences at this point, but at least people might have a chance to understand why. 

I have seen more than one adult man or woman raise their hands the sky with their face turned upward yelling WHYYYYY TRUMP WHYYYY!? I will try my best to give the answer from spirit, just don't shoot the messenger. 

My point is that I don't always agree with ascended spirit, but I have to assume their view is greater than mine. When the medium and the message are at odds, the message prevails. I hope this helps those who have received hard messages from a medium. I also hope this helps those who read for others. Trust the word of spirit that is in the pressence of the source.