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Here is a subject about as controversial as you can get. Besides the fact that I am a medium, this subject touches the the itchy little red spot of just about everyone’s religious convictions. I will not, by any means, intentionally address anyone’s religious beliefs. However, I admit this post is probably going to strike a few nerves here and there. Please know that this is not my intention. I am simply relaying information from spirit. The frank yet compassionate tone is intentional as I think the subject has enough obvious gray areas. I don’t want you to have to wade through murk to get the gist of what I am saying. There are many points in my life that I am surprised how different that spirit information is from my own belief system forcing me to readjust again and again. I identify when others are struggling with logic vs spirit (story of my life). All I am doing is relaying information from the soul’s I have communicated with. The following information I will present as fact because they are facts of my life that are reiterated over and over again during my thirty years of mediumship. The following is from my unique experience with how suicides do or don’t cross over. I do not assume my facts are your belief system. But, I commend you for having beliefs. To believe is much of the point of us being here at all, I hear. 



1. Suicides DO NOT Go Straight To Hell


Discussing what hell is and whether I believe it exists may be addressed at some later point (If I ever decide to just jump down the most mangled rabbit hole ever). Right now I am using the term hell to describe the the place that souls supposedly go to suffer for committing sins. That definition is good enough. So, to those out there who have lost a loved one due to suicide, I want to tell you that suicides do not go directly to hell. They may not go to hell at all. In all my readings with families who have experienced this particular pain that comes with this kind of death, not one of them was ever in a place they referred to as hell. They also don’t express any particular suffering other than that of their own making. I know this because I was able to communicate with all of them. I cannot and will not communicate with anything that means harm or is in a dimension that feeds off of fear or suffering. If I sense either, the session immediately ends. 



2.  If Suicides Don’t Cross Over It Is By Choice (Sort Of)


I explain that in the living land of emotions, if you have ever had your heart severely broken and then met “Mr./Mrs. Perfect” a week later and went running for the hills, then you already identify with this. Imagine God’s Light is the energetic form of pure compassion; the highest form of love and you can’t possibly identify with this when it shows up. The thing about suicides is that they leave this world before they have learned the lessons they agreed to learn while they were here. Because of this when they leave they sometimes can’t identify with the energetic force they are encountered with when the “gate” or portal opens to bring them home. Like a teen shirking their mother’s much needed hug, they sometimes turn their back on the light. This does two things, it gives them time to try and right some wrongs in the world before they are worthy (or believe themselves worthy) and shows respect to God and life by taking time to fully understand this  new set of circumstance they have created. It is much like when a depressed person meets a jolly person and finds them extremely annoying or assume they are deceitful about their emotions because they aren’t on the same wavelength. The spirits tell me they were invited into “heaven” (the place of peace through the light in after life) and declined. This does not mean they cannot go later. It just means they are are here for the time being while they come to terms with what they have done and the inter-universal consequences of their choices. When human trauma emotions are overcome (fear, guilt, anger, regret, pain from watching friends and family suffering) they will eventually cross. 



3. Then Where Do Suicides Go Right After They Die? 


This part is interesting. It is one of the subjects my readings have shown me a bit of consistency with the bible. I could accurately describe where they are as “limbo” and by that I mean they are not in a dimension of higher or lower vibration but rather in a state that still functions in this existence to some extent. This is precisely why they stick around. They still have some physical influence on this world if they remain in the state that is much like limbo.

This is the void I believe is referred to in the bible as purgatory. Purgatory implies punishment, but even the bible suggests that a spirit being in this holding place is a self-imposed sort of punishment. I see it as more of a holding space for intervention and healing. When a spirit is in this place it not incorrect to refer to them as a ghost. 

They do this because they want to help. It is very important to recognize that the purpose for not crossing is to try and “fix” things or make amends. It is a positive purpose. Unfortunately, part of the healing process is that they need to give this purpose up. Acceptance that they have no control and royally screwed up is usually part of the return to a compassionate state. They then need to forgive themselves and be willing to give up control to the source and allow themselves to become part of the healing spirit world devoid of human ego. Usually this also comes with a spirit contract to come back and try again. To anyone who thinks suicide is an answer, remember that you will need to come back and most often the lessons will harder and more intense. You may even remember your previous life making this world even more difficult.  It is also possible the spirit needs extended “rehabilitation” once they cross and may not make any contact with this world for several or even hundreds of human years. They want to get to a point of state of being that can mesh with the immense compassion in God’s light. This is a good thing. 



4. Are Suicides “Good” or “Bad” Spirits? 


Here is where I get very opinionated. Nothing, I mean NOTHING gets to me more when a loved one calls and asks me to do a reading and I can hear that the family members of suicides have been judged because of their religion. Sometimes these people never recover because some friend or grandmother is telling them there loved one is suffering; burning in hell for eternity. Even if you haven’t said it, having said it in the past is bad enough. If you feel like saying it, don't. It serves no purpose. It just serves up more pain for the living. The truth is, they just don’t need the extra stress. What good could possibly come of this? These spirits stick around to try and correct some of the pain they have caused. Usually they just want to say they are sorry, that they made a mistake. Sometimes it’s to tell the family it WASN’T a suicide at all but rather a stupid human accident or even a murder. Both have occurred during my readings. So these spirits are neither good nor bad, they are just confused. A spirit that is stuck in this limbo can be referred to as a ghost. A spirit in a living body is often referred to as a soul and one that has fully crossed is spirit. I believe spirit is a term that can be used as a singular and plural and be accurate. Remaining in that state allows them to have a little more influence on the physical world as through flowing energy in appliances or people. The influence can be good or bad for your life or even both. The ghosts themselves should not be assigned values like good or evil. There are traumatic ghosts and ghosts who are at peace with where they are. Next I will talk about how to tell if this influence is positive or negative.




5. Is Contact From A Spirit Who Died Via Suicide Positive? 


It really depends. Remaining in this state means that they still wield the energetic imprint of all the emotions they experienced during life. Usually if the cause of death was suicide, what you have is a highly imbalanced ghost. Unlike those who have crossed over, the predominant emotion may not be God’s light compassion (which is much higher than earthbound compassion). That means that even though they may be able to protect you during a car wreck or stop you form getting on an airplane that may have hijackers on it, they are doing it because of human like emotions. This is where is gets tricky, an overbearing human can become an overbearing and frustrated spirit if they refuse to cross. A part of them still wants influence on this world. That is the part that is frowned upon by higher entities or "Angels". By crossing over fully they become prithee to the order of things and why they happen for the greater good. This may include some amount of strife for the living. The influence of a suicide spirit still has living person goals attached. If the spirit has great respect and helps the living with higher compassion, they will move on through to the light faster. If they are still trying to exert human like will on the earth and loved ones, their connection to the light grows more distant.  If you think of a hammer as tool to exert force to cause work on a nail, you might think of the human body as a tool to exert human will. Once the tool is gone, affecting the physical world is much like a trying to hammer a nail with the palm of your hand. Some may be able to do it with practice or great sacrifice but most realize that crossing over is easier and beneficial to the whole. While ghosts can be of help like driving away a bad spouse, the experience of that bad spouse may have been crucial for your personal growth. That makes it a negative influence. The boundaries can be greatly overstepped by moving objects, making houses uncomfortable or appearing to the living and quite frankly accidentally scaring the crap out of them. During one reading I encountered a spirit from a suicide who was a prankster in real life and was messing with people’s technology and furniture just because he thought it was funny. He didn’t want to let go of being able to feel human joy. My point is that they don’t have the universal information they need to make what you might call enlightened (by definition) choices. It is possible they could be causing more harm than good, but it really is a huge gray area. Occasionally the ghosts vibration can grow negatively and start to mesh with more destructive realms. This is very rare and usually takes someone who caused extreme pain in violence in life or stays away from the light for many generations of human life spans. A couple of examples would be suicide bombers or people consumed by greed. I had an encounter with a suicide bomber ghost. He was absolutely stunned he was stuck and expected to right his wrongs. He did not cross. SOme of these spirits may try to gain power by becoming demon-like and feeding off of fear. This is very rare. Most human ghosts are benign or at worst, mischievous. 



6. How Can Living Humans Help And Heal? 


First, you don’t have to force yourself to forgive them. Ultimately forgiveness is what these souls seek but it is a process that takes time. Their timeframe is not the same as ours. However, if they don’t believe they are worthy to cross, it could take a very long time. If you can’t genuinely forgive, pray for them instead. Ask them directly to cross into the light. Ask for loved ones and protectors to assit them across. Some entities that are very close to the source don't have free will and are forbidden to interfere. It is often up to those that posses free will to request assistance for lost souls. Tell them you will eventually be ok without them and that you will survive the mourning process. Consider setting a boundary that you don’t want to talk to them until AFTER they cross over. If they still don’t want to go, the living can pray to Arch Angels and ascended loved ones to guide them across. It works. Ask for their souls to be lovingly guided across into God’s light, as the longer they remain in limbo, the further from the light they get. Still experiencing living emotions, this can get very frustrating and turn to resentment over time, making it all that harder for them to cross. Forgive them when you can in your own process, but definitely start the process right away.  




8. What Happens To Suicides When They Do Cross Over?


In short, usually immediate reincarnation. Sometimes they will be allowed to not come back for a while to serve and heal if there were severe atrocities acted against these souls when they were alive, but this is not the majority from my experience. One woman was abducted and raped by multiple men and then given the option to end her own life. She did. Her family came to me because she was highly spiritual and even talked about visiting them after her eventual and natural death. Yet, they never felt her presence ever again. She had immediately crossed and was given a higher purpose as an ascended guide because of the other work she had done in life. She won’t be back for a very long time if ever. Many people wonder what it is like to feel the presence of the spirit of a loved one. What is more obvious when it happens is the absence of that presence. The absence of a familiar soul is a type of mourning most people never have to endure even with the end of physical life, this is the most difficult form of mourning. This is the type of mourning a medium can help aleviate but validating that soul has not vanished from existence. Most others got reincarnated immediately to learn the lessons they skipped out of. This is one of the reasons they avoid crossing at first. Sometimes they will chose to come back as an animal or other if it suits the lesson to experience the world that way. It is not a punishment, but a choice. If a father who committed suicide did not care for his daughter properly and the daughter loves dogs, he may come back as a dog in her life to love her unconditionally and stand by her side. Soul energy is interchangeable. Every living thing is connected to every other living thing. I know you have heard it before, but what I am trying to say is the the soul in the plant may have at one time been human. Spirit is an ocean of energy. With the physical forces exerted, one part can become a drop of water, but when returned to the ocean it is all one. That is spirit. It is in your cat, the trees, your finger nails and the clouds all at once. Your cat my be a reincarnation of your grandfather. An ape may be a human in the next life. If you are not needing any life lessons when you die you may be left to exist in a waterfall in the last rainforest or ride the winds to the mountain tops for a while. Who would mind this? Loved ones who commit suicide also will get these opportunities eventually. Healing is still a family and community effort that includes the spirit of your loved on. 

My Heart Goes Out To You,