Posted by Mariah on Dec 14, 2015


What IS Clairvoyance Really? 

When the public talks about clairvoyance there are a lot references to science fiction movies and books as well as popular TV shows. Some talk of it as if it is something only an X-Men can do. I am going to speak on clairvoyance in direct and practical language. Let's put aside any religious beliefs and stick with those extrapolated ideas that cross over with science. Since there has not been any published "scientific proof" of clairvoyance I cannot call it science, but it is undoubtedly metaphysics. 

I chose the image above because this is how I relate to it. The following will be stated as fact because of my convictions on the subject, but to be fair- as mentioned before, these ideas cannot be proven (at least not by me as I am not a physicist or neuro-scientist). Let me first clearly describe what I experience during a clairvoyant vision: 

At times I will be sitting somewhere casually at a table on a patio outside sipping tea and reading a book having vivid images in my mind that are related to the story I am reading. This is called "seeing in the mind" in writing circles. That is the closest example I can come up with that people can related to. Then suddenly my seeing the mind gets interrupted with more intense images that cause the ones associated with the book to disappear. These images tend to be confusing because very often they don't happen like a story. They are usually 10 seconds to 2 minutes long and often seemingly uninteresting and inconsequential events. They often leave me feeling like I was talking to someone but completely missed the point of the conversation or walked in on a movie in the living room at a very boring moment in a scene. Needless to say, most of my visions look nothing like the dramatic interpretations presented in movies. There are also rarely metaphorical images either. They are pretty straight forward typical life moments.


Vision starts:

A thin, tall, dark haired woman walks into a room wearing blue pants and white blouse. She is carrying a coffee mug that has black writing on it I cannot make out. She casually picks up a red folder and flips through it. At that moment I feel strange emotions and sensations that make no sense in the world around me at the time. I begin to feel nervous, scared, disgusted and occasionally other feelings I would rather not describe. The point is that they do not match to my quietly sitting in the patio sipping tea. When she puts the folder down she walks to the kitchen that is painted bright yellow in some areas and grey in others. I can hear her high heels click-clacking on the ground and a large dog barking next door. Then the voice of a small boy says "mommy" and at that point I know there is a child in the house. At that moment I am overwhelmed with the emotions of hatred and greed. On the wall hangs a calendar with following information: 

"Holy Trinity of Savannah church luncheon at 11AM" (which is placed on the date January 21st, 2016) 

Vision abruptly ends.

Many times I will see such things hours or minutes before my phone rings and be baffled. They usually make no sense to me whatsoever until I verbalize it to someone and it gets validated. Why is this information in this normal every day vision important? It's important because that little boy is not hers. That little boy was kidnapped when he was an infant an the parents have been looking for him for 3 years. Now they have a date, a place, a partial description and know that where she lives there is a large dog next door. Also, I can loosely translate the emotions I felt from when she was reading the papers in the folder to extrapolate that it was full of information regarding her own case of kidnapping, meaning she is following it closely. I can also extrapolate from her emotions and thoughts when the little boy speaks that she is not the natural mother. 

I chose this vision because it is more interesting than many others I have. Some are much less interesting to me but highly charged for others. Recently I had a vision during a reading that a portly senior man with a beard said with the gesture of his arms out in front in frustration, "I keep telling him not to get up at night." Now this may not mean a thing to you or me, but when I said it to the client she nearly broke into tears. The man I described physically was her grandfather. He was communicating from the other side. The woman's father (the spirit's son) had severe dementia and kept leaving the house in the middle of the night putting himself in repeated danger. He also kept telling people he was seeing his father as well as other relatives. Because of this their family believed he was declining much faster than he really was. Now she knows he really WAS seeing his father at night and his father was telling him to stay put to be safe. This is much more common than the dramatic example above. 

How do I know it is not my imagination? 

Practice. I also have a hyper awareness of my own emotions so that I can distinguish between mine and theirs. That took years and years of wrestling with being emotionally overwhelmed as is true for many natural mediums and empaths. Finally, I have to be brave and crazy enough to say these things out loud. Occasionally I argue with spirits in my mind refusing to say what they suggest, such as, "I'm playing with a piece of glass with metal on it in the bath tub." What?? NO, I'm, not saying that. Well they always win. I told the client this statement and she laughed out loud. Turns out her grandmother had a huge bathtub with a thermometer that bobbed up and down in it. It was one of there favorite memories at grandma's house. Who knew? -No one, until I said it out loud. 

Okay, So, now that I have described a few instances of clairvoyance, I will now start to speak of how I think this happens. In short, physics; ore descriptively, waves and particles. Our brains process and enormous amount of information at a time. It even uses the five senses to block out some of this information by limiting what we can see, hear and feel form the world around us. Some people have less of a filter. Some have less of this filter and can still function while others are so sensitive they can no longer function in society (autism). When I was younger I was tested and had better than average sight and hearing. Also, I believe I feel more sensation with my nerves and skin making touch very intense for me. I have met some highly sensitive intuitives who would cry at the pain form their cotton t-shirts and were diagnosed with sensory disfunction. If these gifts make it extremely difficult to function in society, well then yes it is a kind of disfunction. However, many people can learn to manage and use it so that it becomes a benefit to themselves and others. 

This kind of sensitivity is usually mirrored throughout the person's system including the central nervous system and the brain. Our brains don't retain our memories. Our brains simply recall those memories. Where do they recall them from? In short, everywhere. Our bodies (particularly the fascia) store memory imprints. Our whole body is like a storage unit filing away prominent memories on the tissues and even the organs. Some can cause illness or even chronic pain. Memories and thoughts are electrically charged waves and particles that can exist almost anywhere in the universe. Even our own memories can exist outside our physical bodies. This is also true of the soul. A spirit is a condensed amount of energy that have imprints of events and emotions on them. What I will talk about in a different post is where God may come in. That is with this clump of energy having and using intention; free will. 

The image above is of neurons firing in the brain. I believe this is largely what clairvoyance is. Most people on earth have the ability to pick up this energy but not all of us are highly sensitive to it. Even fewer of us can experience it while staying sane as well as translate it. These people are natural clairvoyants, empaths and mediums. Many people can learn to use this extra sense even if it is not very strong. Tools can help with this. Every day this ability grows in mankind. Every day there are more sensitives on the earth. Our brains are changing as we adapt to the massive amount of information flying around in the air in this modern world. 

I hope that this helps clear up what a clairvoyant vision might be like from first hand experience. Chances are if you are reading this you may have had an experience or two yourself, or at least know someone who claims to have had visions. I send love and strength to all the sensitives out there and encourage them to be diligent in trusting themselves as well as focus on every day existence for a fulfilling life. 

Love & Light ALWAYS!