Posted by Mariah on Dec 10, 2015

What is ROLFING?

Rolfing is not mediumship at all although I am a medium in Rolfing training. 

It is a technical hands on method of realigning the joints in the body so that gravity works in symbiosis instead of against bodily functions. I am a "Rolfer in Training" and the Rolfing technique I have learned so far is called "Light touch". Rolfing training requires great discipline and determination as well as the ability to look deep into your own persona to heal as well be a catalyst for healing for the client. I became interested in it because so many of my inuitive clients tend to suffer similar aches and pains. I myself have gone through this and found Rolfing to be of great benefit. While Rolfing is not a "psychic" skill. Sensitives tend to be drawn to this technique and are able to add a distinct benefit to the healing process. I am now able to address some of the physical ailments that come along with being a sensistive.  

Rolfing focuses on the fascia of the body that wraps almost every major organ and joint. I have personal beliefs about how the fascia is directly related to intuitive ability.

Much more to come on this subject very soon.