Posted by Mariah on Jan 30, 2018

When A Reading Fails


To my dismay I feel obligated to write about this so that people have access to this when anticipating a reading. Yes, it does happen. On an occasion, nothing comes. On other occasions, I am told directly not to continue. This "failure rate" (at the risk of sounding harsh) happens at about a 5% for me. I believe this pretty good but am not quite sure as I don't know other mediums who are very willing to be honest about this. There are a few ways I can avoid this. If I didn't do the following I believe this percentage would be much higher.


First, I often pause before I even respond to the first message from a new client. Otherwise I will respond with, "I received your inquiry, I will respond in greater detail soon." What this really means is, I don't feel anything and haven't received a message before you called so I need to check before I respond. If I do not receive intuition about the client in 24 hrs, I will schedule the client about a week out to myself a chance to pick something up. I schedule all readings at least 4 days from the time they contact me anyway. That time is used to check for a message and whether it is my place to interfere. Most of the time I know whether there is a message as soon as I receive the correspondence. Most of the time, this is a good way to avoid an uncomfortable meeting where I feel horrible and have to tell a client I am getting no intuition about their circumstance. However, sometimes, it just happens. Here is a list of the common reasons why so that you can help me avoid this when you come in for your session. 



The client has extreme reservations and skepticism about the reading leading their guides to block for the client’s protection. It may also mean the client is not really open to receive the messages that are crucial.  



There has been a recent trauma or death and the guides think a reading at this time is detrimental to the healing process of the client.



When a client means to use the information given to harm or control another person in some way. Also, it may mean the client intends to cause conflict or are harm to the reader in some way. 



When there is an entity that is detrimental to me. If this happens, I will usually get instructions on how to manage it. I then relay that information at no charge. 



When the reader is going through something that is difficult and is not fully balanced at that time. (Such as dealing with an emotional event or having the flu) My guides will block all readings until I am completely recovered. Overworking medium muscles leads to immune crash. 



Please know that this is sometimes inevitable and it is not a person preference issue. I wish this was a science so I could understand how to give my clients the very best 100% of the time, but alas, it is not. (YET). I am only human. If you have any questions about this you are welcome to ask at any time before or after a scheduled or rescheduled reading. 


Sincerely with prayers,