Why can’t psychics demonstrate consistent accurate results under controlled circumstances even though they may be known to have a great track record?




There is a spiritual component that complicates absolutely everything. Doing the work with accuracy requires respect for the  complicated intersection of science & spirituality. It’s the place where, how and why are intensely interconnected. Mind you, you don’t have to be religious or a spiritualist in order to have psychic ability. It just changes the level of accuracy a great deal to not acknowledge the energy around you. Agnostics and atheists don’t go anywhere. I am going to try and explain this with theoretical physics in mind so that it is as non-denominational as possible.


Before I do that I would like to clarify the difference between spirit and ghosts. When a soul returns to the source or “the light” they are returning to what is the equivalent of an ocean of energy and they are a drop of water. Once integrated they still exist but cannot be separated from ocean. A ghost is a soul that has not returned and as a result has maintained its autonomy. Their energy will eventually warp and decay if they stay in this form. The following refers to spirit, not ghosts.


If you have time, come with me down the rabbit hole:


  1. First, our 3rd dimension is not the only one we have access to. Under the right circumstances we can reach others.
  2. At the risk of sounding cliche spirit is literally in everything. It IS the weak and strong force. It IS literally anything that the has the possibility of transferring or is energy. Yes, I mean right down to atomic energy and especially in the quantum field. When we detonate nuclear bombs, we are using that exact same energy.
  3. Spirit has no distance related boundaries. That means that the same energy that mediums communicate with may also have connections to the far reaches of the galaxy.
  4. Spirit has access to an unlimited source of knowledge. That knowledge originates from all living beings including single celled organisms. It is imprinted on everything. Think of your computer accessing wifi, downloading a file and writing it to the hard drive. Your computer has record of this and can easily read that file from now on even if the program itself is uninstalled and reinstalled. THIS is how memory works. We are literally swimming in memories as waves and particles fly through the air.
  5. No one who works with energy in any form is NOT working with spirit. That means physicists, chemists, reiki healers and Chinese medicine practitioners alike.
  6. When a psychic taps into information that is not visible or accessible by others they are tapping into this source. The mechanisms are different, but for the most part it is the same ocean of energy. Think of all the ways we communicate to one another; voice, facial expressions, gestures and direct actions. It is similar. Psychics have different methods of communicating with it.
  7. There is a difference between having access to the energy and being able to decipher the messages. You can drop an English speaking person in the middle of Thailand but that doesn’t mean they will understand what the people are saying. Psychics speak many different intuitive languages. We are all different. Would you give a French person a text that is translated literally from ancient Egyptian? No.
  8. Now we come to the hardest concept to grasp for many people. What I am saying here means something many of us don’t want to accept. Frankly I fought it too. I tried to find refuge from it in the physical sciences. The above points means that somehow, regardless of denomination, energy has or is capable of consciousness.
  9. If energy is capable of consciousness, then it can influence all things in it. Yes, I am making an argument for what might start looking like “A higher power”. I don’t assume to know whether it is higher or not, except that it has access to A LOT more information than living humans do.
  10. This consciousness has at least SOME influence on how people use this source of energy. That means that when a psychic takes a test, it is influenced by this energy source; by spirit. If they are not using this talent of communication in a way that is deemed beneficial by spirit they could be blocked, or simply not particularly supported at that time.




Psychics are often inaccurate on tests due to too many variables. The test need to be geared toward isolating or adjusting these variables in order for the tests to be more accurate.

Variables to consider

PURPOSE and moral implications of the test

-What will the test be used for and who will benefit from it? What are the intentions and will source spiritually/energetically fund the endeavor?

METHOD of obtaining intuitive information

-Clairvoyance is different from clairaudience is different from empathic ability. It is like green energy; we have to recognize that sometimes we will need solar, sometimes wind is a better option. Other times fossil fuels are used. Sometimes combining all them is the most efficient. Are you asking a wind man to know everything about solar?

TRANSLATION of the information obtained

-Some psychics are hit or miss because they are not accurately interpreting the information they are receiving. Is the psychic being asked to speak a language they don’t know? The test should support the same language that psychic speaks.

DELIVERY of the details of the information

-How does that psychic make that information available to the client? Do they speak it, write it, draw it, paint it? There will be patterns and consistencies in each individual modality. Then there is communication skills in general.

MENTALITY of the psychic at that moment

-All emotion is energy. All action is energy. The psychical body is energy. What state is the psychic in at the time of the test? Are they calm, afraid or feeling pressured? Do they deem the test necessary or in line with their life lessons? Are they distracted or properly motivated based on the potential outcome? You cannot separate the psychic from the intuition.


I took this opportunity to express something I have intended to write about for years. Hopefully this will help both serious and novice researchers develop the study of spirit, technology and the capacity of the human mind just a little.