It has recently come to my attention that on occasion individuals request readings for reasons other than what they disclose. The purpose may be to check and see if I have legitimate skills as a medium or simply curiosity. When a person books a reading to learn about me and my mediumship instead of for reasons that are genuine and personal, it often causes a bock in my ability to do the reading. This block most often happens if I am being tested instead of trusted. Unfortunatley for this kind of client, my guides perceive that as being dishonest and that there are intentions that may not be to my benefit ot theirs. I often say it is far more detrimental to give an accurate reading to someone who is not ready than it is to give an innacurate reading to someone who is. It is likely you will get limited information if any. It is also possible that I may be told that the client has dishonest intentions before or during the reading and you may not get scheduled. The whole experience is quite frustrating for all involved. 

EXAMPLES That Might Produce Blocked Readings:

1. An investigator wants to know about my accuracy in lieu af hiring me for a job

2. I am being investigated for a mainstream job for some other reason 

3. A company or individual wants to gather data for a research project

4. A skeptical individual has questions of faith and reality and wants to prove what I do is fake

5. An individual wants information about a friend or collegue for personal gain in order to inflict harm

6. An individual intends to "steer" the reading in a certain direction and not be receptive to the whole message 

7. You are looking for a remote viewing session and asking for reading instead. They are different 

8. You need details about a criminal investigation but don't disclose it. You will not get that info because those readings are conducted differently 


How to avoid this: 

You must be honest about your intentions when you contact me. You don't have to give me a lot of information but the purpose of your reading needs to be disclosed. I am not entirely opposed to doing readings for professional or personal research. The catch is that you have to be up front about the fact you are more interested in the validiy of mediumship than you are in receiving personal messages for positive life change. I usually know the purpose and the relationship to the deceased before I even schedule a client. If I suspect something is not right I will ask you to call back in about 90 days. After a client is scheduled, I have a 4 day process I go through before every single reading. In that process I verify that a client was sent to me by an ascended, protective spirit and not an earthbound or traumatic spirit. If I don't know that the reading is about a criminal case (which usually involves a traumatic spirit), I might turn the client away or limit access to that spirit for my own safety. Readings for cases often involve upset spirits and that is why I conduct them differently. I need to know. In these 4 days I also ask if it is my place to offer assistance. If during that process I receive information that conflicts with what I was told by the client, there is a chance I will either reschedule until that spiritual conflict is resolved or I may cancel the reading altogether. If you are honest with me about the purpose I can prepare for the reading for that purpose. 

If you are an individual who just wants a personal reading you don't have to worry about anything I just said.


A Quick Note About Proving Mediumship: 


Please keep in mind that mediums are dealing with energy that has knowledge far greater than ourselves. We may not fully understand why one reading is allowed to happen and another is blocked. It could have something to do with the intentions or the safety of the medium or the client and whether it serves the greater good. This is one reason that mediumship has been so hard to prove. It's like trying to catch a dolphin in water with your bare hands. They are much more wise and intelligent than us in their element.

You have to sit and wait quietly for them to approach and then trust.