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I am a Clairvoyant Medium. This is where most of my information comes from. I receive messages from my own spirit guides as well as from yours. When we have loved ones who have passed over there is still the possibility for those souls to communicate to us. They do it in many ways including using the way light bends, sound frequencies as well as anything that has energy passing through it including humans! It is thought that humans have up to 22 senses rather than 5. This, no doubt, is part of the clairvoyancy. Being a medium means that I am contacted directly as a messenger so I can help others on their path. 

I specialize in highly detailed readings. This helps people to know that the protective spirits that I am hearing from are ascended spirits whom you know and love. As a clairvoyant, spirit traveler, remote viewer and medical intuitive. These can be combined in a standard reading. I would like to help you find balance that will lead you to a more fullfilled life in career, love, self healing or development of your own intuitive abilities. Note: With great respect of Free Will, I do not often focus on future readings for individuals; only for forensic, national & international events that affect everyone. 

Mentoring For All Ages


Every time I find myself in a mentoring position I tend to ask myself if I am qualified to do so. I decided to call it mentoring because I had many sensitives coming to me describing similar life tales of conflict, trauma and recovery. Some common themes started to emerge that I was quite familiar with myseld. It occured to me that many people were struggling without the tools I had acquired from knowing I was a sensitive from a very young age. I do find that growing up with a very psychic mother and living an intuitive life for more than 30 years can provide valuable advice for the management of the gift. In order to help people manage the sixth and seventh senses I will gladly teach anything I know. I offer mentoring by donation or trade when my schedule allows it. -Or- you can provide proof of a cash or item donation valued $30. or more to a youth oriented charity or non-profit. Pay it Forward!

Remote Viewing


This is the practice of entering deep meditation and "seeing" real physical places in real time or in the past. This can help with locating an item or even a person. This can often provide detailed imagery. I have found that remote viewing is a rather rare gift. I most often use this type of seeing with psychometry and clairvoyance in order to give the most accurate and most detailed information that can be verified with facts. This is not the best reading for personal developement for the client because I need time and sometimes several attempts when alone to accomplish this. I am not very available for compassionate listening. I feel extremely blessed and thank my guides for this gift and wish that it be utilized to help people and animals in trouble. 

House Clearing

Energetic fields exist everywhere, even in our homes and offices. I find that it is the very rare person that does NOT believe in ghosts. Most of us allow ourselves to be intuitive enough to "read" our surroundings for positive or negative feelings. We also will occasionally see or hear entities that dwell in a space. The reaction is to either to try to disbelieve or worse, be afraid. The truth is that there are energies that are aware of themselves everywhere we go. If a spirit is at peace (non-traumatic), or even protective of you, then usually ignoring them will work just fine for while until a pressing issues comes up. -But sometimes it doesn't work. That is when addressing it by acknowledging them WITH COMPASSION and clearing the house and starting at neutral is a good idea. Once you have gone through this process and feel the enormous difference, you are likely to do it in every new living space from then on.

I prefer to instruct regular clients for free on how to do this so that they may do it whenever necesssary, however, sometimes have a professional do it for you is desired. As I do the clearing, I will also teach you how to do it for your own benefit. 

Psychometry & Body Pychometry

The handling of inanimate objects that hold energetic impressions of previous events. I will attempt to "read" and convey those impressions. This is helpful when another person has greatly affected your life that you may have little connection to. 


Body psychometry is the same as psychometry but is done with light hands on. Most of our trauma gets stored in tissue in our bodies. Most non-western medicine recognizes the affect our experiences can have on our health. Body psychometry helps a person identify what emotional events triggered physical ailments. Some people call this medical intuition. I agree except that I do not try to diagnose. Only medical doctors diagnose and treat. My goal is to give information for healing and wellness.

"Change is constant & reliable. Change is transformation. Transformation is healing. Love change; Love Life."  

Please note that Future readings are subsequent to Past and Present readings. Present being the most important to your spirit guides and angels. The future may have many paths that are dependent on free will. Only the most urgent messages of the highest purposes with be communicated.


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